The military sector is complex and rigorous when it comes to energy demand.

The military sector is complex and rigorous when it comes to energy demand. Because it is an area of activity that normally takes place in remote locations and harsh environments that are difficult to access and limited or even devoid of any power grid, they require energy support systems that guarantee a stable and safe supply to their facilities and activities.

Reliability and operability are key points for this sector and, consequently, for the energy structures that support it. Therefore, the generator sets designed for military applications must show great quality and versatility, as well as a wide range of power to be able to perform different functions.

Grupel is proud to produce generator sets certified by high standards of quality and performance, which meet the most rigorous technical specifications of the military sector and the demanding international organizations that are part of it.

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That is why it already has an extensive portfolio of projects that includes gensets for military applications of different scopes, such as stations and bases, recruitment centers, and field hospitals.

These generators are characterized by complex specifications:

  • flexibility concerning to the fuels used;
  • use of anti-condensation heaters and other extra equipment to cope with extreme temperatures;
  • robustness and adaptability to harsh environments and adverse conditions;
  • easy mobility of the equipment, and the use of trailers is common;
  • aptitude for specific and unusual tests in other areas of activity, given the rigorous nature of the sector.
Thanks to its extensive experience, Grupel presents itself as an ideal partner for the supply of power solutions to military organizations that require high quality power generators, capable of operating in harsh conditions and in any type of location.


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