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The Oil & Gas sector is one of the most demanding and challenging markets worldwide.

The Oil & Gas sector is one of the most demanding and challenging markets worldwide, not only due to a growing demand for energy sources capable of ensuring the development of various economic activities, but also due to the volatility of the different markets and the need to ensure a more efficient and safe response in the extraction and distribution of these raw materials.

The diesel or gas-powered generator sets play a crucial role in the operation of these infrastructures. Grupel, as a power generator manufacturer, can be the ideal ally to provide a robust and reliable power solution, capable of operating under adverse weather conditions and locations of low accessibility.


In the Oil & Gas industry, gensets are essential both to provide power to on-site facilities and to support operations and secure power supply in case of electricity supply failure, ensuring continuous operation of infrastructure and avoiding economic losses.

Gas-powered generators are an alternative that has been gaining increasing market share, as they are both more economical from the point of view of maintenance and energy consumption, and more sustainable, minimizing the environmental impact of power generation.

However, for them to be a viable option, they need direct access to the raw material, through dedicated pipelines, and the costs inherent to the initial installation are higher than the ones associated to diesel generators.

According to the type of intended use (emergency or continuous), location, and characteristics of the equipment, the best fuel option should be selected and the model of generator to be installed adjusted.


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