Power Plants

For power plants to operate in a controlled and smooth way, it is necessary to create support structures with robust generator sets adapted to these requirements.

The various activities, businesses, and processes within communities depend on the countries’ energy infrastructure, which usually relies on power plants that can be of various types, such as thermoelectric, hydroelectric, wind, or nuclear.

For these power plants to operate in a controlled and smooth way, 24 hours a day, guaranteeing a stable energy supply, it is necessary to create support structures composed of robust generator sets with powers adequate to demanding demands.

These power generators must be prepared to feed all the systems that guarantee the safety of the installation and of people at all times, since, in case of failure, it is imperative to maintain control of the installation to avoid damage such as the emptying or overflow of a hydroelectric power plant, the shutdown of a thermal power plant, or a more serious accident in the case of a nuclear power plant.


Through its engineering and product development department, Grupel has designed and carried out several solutions for this purpose. These equipments, which are part of a wide portfolio of special projects, are designed to support the power plants and support their needs at all stages.

Therefore, they have very specific characteristics, such as:

  • being able to operate in standby or continuous operation;
  • being composed of more than one generator set;
  • being equipped with tanks or other fuel supply systems of great autonomy;
  • having black-start generators to ensure the start-up of the installation in case of a grid failure;
  • being robust and reliable;
  • being soundproofed, given the high level of noise produced.
Grupel's customized solutions have proven to efficiently support energy infrastructures in several countries around the world, contributing to a greater safety and performance of this type of units.


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