Author - Carlos Martins

Grupel’s Energy shines for the third consecutive year with the Five Star Award

For the 3rd consecutive year, Grupel is distinguished as the brand of reference, in the Generators category of the Five Stars 2020 Award. This distinction is based on five variables that influence Portuguese consumers in their purchasing decisions:satisfaction/experimentation; price/quality; recommendation; confidence in the brand; and innovation.Having 4 brands been evaluated, Grupel is once again the winning brand, in the Generators category, this year, which emphasizes its status as a leading company, in this sector, in Portugal.This honour is the [...]

Feel the Christmas – Feel the Song – Orange Love

At Christmas there is a special magic, unique mood, there is something that fascinates us and involves us. The tree, the fireplace, the lights, the food, the get-together, the music, everything has a melody…This Christmas we decided to join everyone’s melody and create HIGH RANGE OF LOVE. Our melody goes beyond borders, follows Beira-Mar, Alavarium and AD Vagos whenever they step on the field, pedals with Sporting/Tavira, allows Tiago, the boy with special needs, to dream. To this, we call ORANGE [...]

Middle East Electricity 2018
Grupel na MEE 2018

Relevant presence of Grupel in the MEE 2018

Grupel is a leader company that is dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of gensets in Portugal and that was awarded by the Portuguese people with the Five Star 2018 award. Once again, Grupel attended the prestigious fair Middle East Electricity (MEE 2018), that took place between March 6 and 8 in Dubai. MEE 2018 is an outstanding event of international recognition in the power industry, dedicated to products in this sector like production, transmission and distribution and in this [...]

Auxiliary Emergency Systems

What types of Auxiliary Emergency Systems there are?

An auxiliary emergency system is an equipment that provides support to meet the energy needs of a given location or infrastructure, can function as a primary or complementary source. Auxiliary emergency system presupposes design, development, and installation tailored to the needs and conditions of the infrastructures which will assist. To achieve this, the assembly teams must use all their experience to implement a reliable solution corresponding to the demanding levels of the final application.When faced with types of large installations [...]

What is a genset?

A genset refers to an equipment whose function is to convert the so-called heat capacity into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy. Briefly, it consists of a motor and an alternator that is coupled and inserted in a base with other elements. These complementary elements are:batteries, fuel tank, control panel, automatic transfer switch, and soundproof.In terms of use, gensets can usually be used as the main source or as an auxiliary source to respond to energy needs, in [...]

Diesel Generator | Grupel

How Diesel Generator Works

The diesel generator is an equipment whose use is indicated for applications that require more power and for continuous operation. They convert the fuel into electrical energy, through the combustion of diesel. This type of fuel, compared to others like gasoline, for example, is burned at a higher temperature, hence more efficient and ensure greater power to the generator. Diesel generators require regular maintenance to function properly. In general, how does a diesel generator work?First, air is blown into the [...]

A different Christmas video, because the cause deserves it!

On the 12th of October, at one of the many planning meetings we hold in Grupel’s Marketing Department, we addressed the issue of the 2017 Christmas Video and what could be done differently this year. Here Mariana (from Marketing Department) says:“a couple of days ago, coming by car with Analisa (from Financial department) she had a fantastic idea for this year’s video”“Oh really?! We questioned. “So, call her and let’s listen”. Analisa entered the meeting and talked about the summer fires [...]

diesel generator
Diesel Generator

Advantages of having a Diesel Generator in your Company

There are several advantages to having a diesel generator in your company. One of the most advantageous factors is that this type of generator is more efficient (cost/ maintenance/performance) when compared to natural gas or gasoline generators, for example. This advantage applies to the European market. When acquiring a generator or group of generators for your company, you should consider all factors, and make comparisons to make an assertive purchase. To do this, you should reflect on what your company's [...]

industrial generators
Industrial Generators | Grupel

Industrial Generators: advantages of its application

Industrial generators are developed to ensure that there is a continuous supply of power in the event of failure on the grid system. Thus, these equipment’s have the capacity to guarantee an efficient performance of the equipment, in case there are breaks on the electric supply. There are several generators for the industrial application with different solutions to meet the requirements of a continuous or emergency power supply, depending on the demand of the client. Industrial generators are robust types of [...]

Different types of electric current generators

Electric current generators are devices designed to ensure that there is a power differential that is long-lasting. It must be asking itself why it is necessary to guarantee the existence of this differential. For the equipment, which is powered by electric current to work, it is necessary that the electric current also perform its function. What happens is that there is only electric current from the moment that electrical voltage or potential difference occurs. However, this electrical voltage tends to [...]