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Grupel's energy empowers the cycling team Sporting CP / Tavira
Energia Grupel reforça a equipa Sporting CP/Tavira
Energia Grupel reforça a equipa Sporting CP/Tavira
Energia Grupel reforça a equipa Sporting CP/Tavira

Grupel’s energy empowers Sporting CP / Tavira cycling team

In keeping with Grupel's versatility and dynamics, and within the framework of the recently signed sponsoring partnership, we are pleased to announce the successfull installation of a stand-by-power diesel generator to support the Sporting CP / Tavira cycling team competing in A Volta a Portugal 2017, Portugal's most relevant cycling competition. Grupel carries out customized projects and solutions and offers a global service, from initial design, manufacturing, turnkey installation and finally, commissioning and monitoring. We work with dedicated software for assembly projects, including mechanical [...]

Power Generator | Grupel

How does a power generator work?

A power generator is, as its name implies, a device capable of generating energy. This is responsible for converting any type of energy (e.g. chemical, mechanical, etc.) into electrical energy. Energy is a fundamental resource and nowadays we are completely dependent on it to be able to do the most common tasks of everyday life, to get work, to keep the equipment running, and to make the world go round.To overcome as energy failures, since the electrical systems are fallible, [...]

Sale of generators: what you need to know!

Nowadays, a generators sale is already well known and you can easily get your generator in a specialized store, physically or online, without supplying this type of equipment. Before acquiring your generator, you should consider some assumptions, as you may not think you just install the equipment and that's it! The generators are used to ensuring that there is a continuous supply of energy. In other words, if there is some instability in this supply, either by the electricity company [...]

Grupel Energy in the requalification of the Pavilion Carlos Lopes

Grupel is present in major rehabilitation works in Portugal. With a wide range of tailor-made solutions and the most varied areas requiring an auxiliary power source, Grupel has implemented two generators for energy support in the now rehabilitated the Pavilion Carlos Lopes in Lisbon. The requalification of this iconic space cost eight million euros to the Tourism Association of Lisbon (ATL), entity in charge of rehabilitating the building and has as its objective the dissemination of the achievements of the [...]

Soundproof Diesel Generators – Know the Advantages

Soundproof diesel generators are the ideal solution when there is a real need to keep both noise and vibration low levels. Generally, diesel generators are noisier than gasoline generators. If you want to opt for a generator diesel, because it is more profitable to maintain it, the option is to use a model that is soundproof. Known as diesel generators, the diesel genset, as a rule, are divided into two parts, namely:electric generator diesel engine.Both can be used for [...]

Single-Phase Generator Grupel

Single-Phase Generator – What They Are

The single-phase generator is widely used in homes and household appliances that use single-phase voltage. In our day-to-day life, many of the equipment we use are powered by single-phase power. On the other hand, larger equipment, such as industrial equipment, as well as most generators, uses three-phase energy to ensure adequate power supply. What is a generator and what is it for? It is a device that is used to convert/transform mechanical energy and other types of energy into electrical energy. [...]

MEE Exhibitor Grupel Case Study Series

Middle East Electricity interviewed Grupel S.A. for the MEE Exhibitor Grupel Case Study series that look into key exhibitors, their experience at MEE and an outlook on what is to come. MEE: Please tell us a little bit about Grupel, giving insight into the company history, your products and your major clients. Grupel: Grupel is a company that belongs tio the Omnisantos Group. With 40 years of experience in the market, we are dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of Gensets [...]

Grupel Sales Growth

Grupel growth gains momentum with consolidation in international markets

Grupel SA is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the market, which is dedicated to the production of a wide range of generators, equipped with the best quality components and with power from 6kVA to 3500kVA for energy production. In these data is visible the growth momentum obtained by the company in 2016, mainly in the European and American market. If we analyze the field of billing, we see that in 2016 Grupel obtained its highest [...]

Gerador diesel Grupel central termoeletrica
Gerador diesel Grupel central termoeletrica

Grupel Generator for a thermoelectric power plant in Venezuela

This month of May we highlight the implementation of a project in Venezuela for an international reference company in the engineering sector. The project consisted of a 906kVA (STP) Emergency Diesel Genset with MAN D 2842 LE 211 engine with and Leroy Somer LSA 49.1 M75 alternator in a 40” container. The genset is installed in a Thermoelectric Power Plant in Venezuela, for feeding the essential load that is required for protecting sensitive equipment of the plant in case of [...]

Diesel Generators for military use
Diesel Generators for military use

Grupel generators are preferred choice in military applications

It is with great satisfaction that we are witnessing the consecration on the market of Grupel generators as a primary choice in the production and supply of energy solutions for international reference organizations. An example of this is the choice of the internationally recognized NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which has for several times chosen Grupel for its projects, as we are also accredited by NATO for the supply of diesel generators destined to be implemented in several parts of the world.Grupel is [...]