Author - Patrícia Santos

The difference between single-phase and three-phase voltage

The difference between single-phase and three-phase voltage

The difference between single-phase voltage and three-phase voltage, respectively, simple voltage and compound voltage, is basically in the value between them. The compound voltage is √3 times higher than the simple voltage, ie V (compound) = V (simple) x √3 (approximately 1.732). This difference can be identified with a voltmeter. For compound voltage, the voltage is measured between the two phases, and for single voltage, the voltage is measure between the phase and the neutral.An alternator that supplies single-phase voltage [...]

How can you verify the necessary power for a generator?

There are several methods for calculating or checking the required power for a generator. In Portugal, in major works, the designers generally have the responsibility of carrying out the calculation of the required power for a generator and establishing it in the works specifications. When this responsibility rests with private individuals, the solution is to consult their electricity bill to check the contracted power. It is necessary, however, to consider that the value in the electricity bill may not be the [...]

New features in Grupel’s soundproof cabin

New features of Grupel canopies

In the constant search for the improvement of Grupel's canopies, we developed a new design work that changed the concepts of construction and assembly, in order to make them competitive. In this new construction concept, the use of welding has been decreased to a minimum, which reduces manufacturing time and increases corrosion resistance, since the protective layer of the sheet is not burned. This type of construction is applied both to the canopy, the chassis and the electrical panel. The canopy is [...]

Different Types of Fuel Tanks

Grupel has available different types of fuel tanks that can adapt to each application of the genset or customers demand. In the generators, the combustion and the fuel tank are a key element, because it’s the tank that defines the genset's autonomy. Generally, the tanks are selected and designed so that, the genset can operate in full load (100%) at least for 8 hours. Depending on the engine consumption we provide in the standard range tanks from 40L to 1000L. In the [...]

Main extras in a standard genset Grupel

Main extras in a Standard Genset

The extras in a standard genset are something very usual because one of the features that most distinguishes Grupel is the capacity to adapt its products to each case, application or purpose. With the variety of extras in a standard genset that we have available, the generators manufactured by Grupel can be customized, improved and changed according to the customer’s needs. The genset has as purpose to fulfill the energy demand, and it can be used as the main source or an [...]

Grupel Military Project

Military Project from an engineering perspective

The gensets in this military project characterize for having very complex specifications, which have many requirements and details that are destined to ease the usage of these gensets. Through the development of this military project, we intended to create a system of fast implementation where every element must allow an optimize assembly and disassembly since we have as base the Plug & Play with the purpose to facilitate the user on set. The engineering equipment resulted in two types of power [...]

military project Grupel

The process of a military project

Recently we had a big project in Grupel, a military project that had a great level of concentration and demand from every department. The process in this military project started through a tender to develop and manufacture the energy solution. After this process, the starting point was the negotiation, like usual, when it comes to develop and manufacture a project the process of negotiation is intense because it is necessary to discuss costs and more importantly the technical solutions. Since Grupel already [...]

Grupel generator installation

Precautions in the Generator Installation

Most of the gensets in Portugal, function in the emergency system, and for that, it is necessary to guarantee the good functioning of the generator installation and its precautions. For that we must guarantee: A good fresh air intake:For the genset to cool and for the combustion of the diesel engine, the installation location should contain an opening for the fresh air intake (cold) directly from the exterior A good hot air outtake:It is also very important that the [...]

3rd Conference of Grupel Agents from Spain
3ª Conferencia Agentes Grupel Espanha
3ª Conferencia Agentes Grupel Espanha

3rd Conference of Grupel Agents from Spain

Another edition of Grupel Agents from Spain conference that visited got to know and received Grupel’s energy, and this was the focus on this edition. We received the commercial Grupel Agents from Spain on the days 28 and 29th of March to analyze the results of 2018 and define the strategy to 2019 and respective goals. On this edition, in contrast to the last edition where they had Grupel Academy training, we decided this year to focus on the results of [...]

Grupel Distributors - LATAM Event
Grupel Distributors - LATAM Event

1st edition of the event LATAM- Grupel Distributors

With the intent of promoting, disclose and sharing Grupel’s brand we received the visit from Grupel distributors of Latin America for technical training, knowledge sharing, and market development. This event occurred during the week (25-09 of March) and we had the presence of our Grupel distributors from Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, and Panamá. As the base of this event, we had the Grupel Academy, which is a technical-commercial training that has the purpose to strengthen the technical knowledge of our gensets. This [...]