Agentes Comerciais Espanha

4th Convention of Grupel Spain Agents – time to coordinate strategies and objectives

For two days, the Commercial Agents of Grupel in Spain were in the company’s facilities, in Vagos (Portugal), where they had technical and specialized training and were able to clarify their doubts about the particularities and new features of the products sold by Grupel. The meeting was also used to share the company’s commercial goals for the future, and to strengthen relations between the various teams that, even at a distance, work together. The heads of the commercial department and the Spanish [...]

2ª Conference with Spain Agents of Grupel

This 2ª Conference with Grupel Agents from Spain happened during 14 and 15 of May and the main goal was to present results of the year 2017 and its reflections, strategies for the year 2018 and technical-commercial training Grupel Academy to update the products and components knowledge in a theoretical and practical level. In this conference, the present Agents were from the regions of Andalusia, Extremadura, Aragon, Catalonia, Galicia and Valencian Community what allowed us to understand the needs of [...]

Review 1st Conference of Agents Grupel Spain 2017
1º Conferência de Agentes Grupel de Espanha
1º Conferência de Agentes Grupel de Espanha

1st Conference of Agents Grupel Spain 2017

Last February, we had the pleasure to receive at our facilities in Vagos (Aveiro, Portugal) the team of commercial agents from Grupel in Spain for an annual event. This year, unlike previous years, Grupel chose to hold a two-day trade event that included advanced and specialized technical training to all our commercial agents in Spain, in order to clarify all their doubts.The event, which was called "1st Conference of Commercial Agents Grupel Spain 2017", was characterized by being more complete, [...]