Aplicações Militares

Grupel Military Project

Military Project from an engineering perspective

The gensets in this military project characterize for having very complex specifications, which have many requirements and details that are destined to ease the usage of these gensets. Through the development of this military project, we intended to create a system of fast implementation where every element must allow an optimize assembly and disassembly since we have as base the Plug & Play with the purpose to facilitate the user on set. The engineering equipment resulted in two types of power [...]

military project Grupel

The process of a military project

Recently we had a big project in Grupel, a military project that had a great level of concentration and demand from every department. The process in this military project started through a tender to develop and manufacture the energy solution. After this process, the starting point was the negotiation, like usual, when it comes to develop and manufacture a project the process of negotiation is intense because it is necessary to discuss costs and more importantly the technical solutions. Since Grupel already [...]

Diesel Generators for military use
Diesel Generators for military use

Grupel generators are preferred choice in military applications

It is with great satisfaction that we are witnessing the consecration on the market of Grupel generators as a primary choice in the production and supply of energy solutions for international reference organizations. An example of this is the choice of the internationally recognized NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which has for several times chosen Grupel for its projects, as we are also accredited by NATO for the supply of diesel generators destined to be implemented in several parts of the world.Grupel is [...]