Grandes Projectos Grupel

Grupel’s Cogeneration System – Get to know the project

Grupel carried out yet another special project, this time using a system of simultaneous production of two or more types of energy - a Cogeneration project. A regular generator transforms the chemical energy that exists in fossil fuel (diesel, gas, biogas, among others) into electrical energy. Usually, through the combustion of the first, thermal energy is produced which then is transformed into mechanical energy inside the internal explosion engine. In turn, mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy by means [...]

military project Grupel

The process of a military project

Recently we had a big project in Grupel, a military project that had a great level of concentration and demand from every department. The process in this military project started through a tender to develop and manufacture the energy solution. After this process, the starting point was the negotiation, like usual, when it comes to develop and manufacture a project the process of negotiation is intense because it is necessary to discuss costs and more importantly the technical solutions. Since Grupel already [...]

Angola Project by Grupel

18MW Power Plant at Medium Voltage, in Angola Projected by Grupel

Once more, Grupel was challenged to develop a solution of energy production through the supply of a diesel power plant to work continuously in Angola, what turned out to be a project of great dimension and complexity.This Angola Project by Grupel of 18MW consists in the supplying of 11 units of a modular power of 1770 kVA, soundproof in a 40”container in compliance with the requirements. Since its beginning in 2013, that Grupel and its departments were involved in the development of [...]

Special Projects Production

How does Grupel build up the special projects?

The production process of Grupel’s special projects is very different from that of a standard generator, in design, development, manufacture, installation and commissioning, because they are created according to the customer's needs and requirements.  But, what does it actually take to get a Special Project done? When a new special project arrives at the production line, it has already been studied and designed by the engineering department that takes into account the technical and special specifications set by the customer. [...]

Grupel installs 2 Gensets of 1000kVA in Angola

Grupel highlights the excellent implementation of one unit of 2 Gensets of 1000kVA in a Grupel special project with a continuous power and in parallel in a unit of 5MVA in Acail Angola, in the province of Luanda. In the field, our client Acail could count on the technical support of our engineer Panagiotis Saliaris, that performed with success the installation and commissioning of the equipment on this Grupel special project. The integrated system included the supply and installation of two gensets, and every [...]

Grupel installs 3.5MW at a Jordan Oil Terminal

Following the development and international growth strategy of recent years, Grupel has recently installed three generators at a Oil Terminal in Jordan. The project, consisting of the supply of three emergency diesel generators, has the following power outputs, 1658kVA and 1350kVA, and has the following features:1x 1658kVA (STP) Emergency Diesel Genset with PERKINS 4012-46TAG2A engine with STAMFORD PI734E alternator and DSE7420 controller in a 40” container.2x 1350kVA (STP) Emergency Diesel Genset with PERKINS 4012-46TWG2A engine with STAMFORD PI734C alternator [...]

Grupel switches on 30 MW of flexible power in Africa

Portuguese company Grupel is making life easier in thousands of homes and businesses across Africa by installing pioneering new power plants that bring extra electrical capacity and reliability. With Africa's economy on a positive trajectory, national governments across the continent are increasingly investing in underdeveloped utilities and services such as electric power. One challenge is finding innovative ways to produce the additional power required by some of the continent's more isolated communities. One solution is fast-track diesel-fueled power plants. These modestly-sized [...]

Grupel supplies energy to the ÉvoraShopping project

Grupel develops power generation solutions for the most diverse segments from which we highlight the civil construction, industrial, telecommunications, residential and commercial, petroleum, etc. In the commercial sector we feature here the successful implementation of two industrial generators with combined power of about 1000kVA for a reference project in the interior of Alentejo (Portugal). Grupel SA was thus the company selected, through an installation company, to supply the power generators that will serve the supplementary energy needs of the new [...]

Proyecto Chase Farm Hospital Energy Centre
Proyecto Chase Farm Hospital Energy Centre

Chase Hospital Energy Centre Project – UK

The Chase Farm Hospital Project consisted on the supply of three generator sets on chassis for parallel operation in synchronism with the network. These generators must provide the electric power necessary for the operation of the hospital in case of an emergency (power failure) and are also enabled for STOR operation. As a solution to a timely electricity consumption demand above normal levels, "National Grid" in the United Kingdom introduced the Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR). With this model, you can [...]

Engineering solutions applied to power generation

Grupel has become in recent years, an international reference manufacturer in engineering solutions applied to the generation of energy and under the most diverse environmental requirements. The commitment to this strategic sector, which began in 2010 with the acquisition of the company Cymasa specializing in this type of applications, progressively increased with the development of new applications and solutions, supported by a consolidated engineering team and the construction of a modern production center in Aveiro (Portugal), which concentrated the various [...]