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Super Star Solar Mini-Grid
Geradores a diesel Grupel no Bangladesh 1

Grupel Diesel Generators support Solar PV based mini-grid projects in Bangladesh

In the scope of the agreement with the company Super Star Group (SSG) for the distribution of Grupel diesel generators in Bangladesh, we present in this article a project from our local distributor for the support of a Solar PV based mini-grid. Solar PV based mini-grid projects are installed in isolated areas of the country where the possibility of grid expansion is very remote in the near future. These projects provide grid quality electricity to general households and small commercial [...]

Generadores diesel Grupel en Bangladesh
Gerador a diesel Grupel Bangladesh
Generadores diesel Grupel en Bangladesh

Grupel Diesel Generators in Bangladesh

Grupel has recently strengthened its distribution agreement for the commercial trade of its diesel generators in Bangladesh. It was with that focus in mind that on March 28 and 29, a delegation from Grupel - Marco Santos (CEO), Pedro Quelhas (Commercial Director), José Machado (Commercial Director) and João Pintado (Marketing Director) - traveled to Bangladesh for a meeting with the local partner, the prestigious company Super Star Group (SSG).The trip was part of a strategy to increase brand awareness as well as sales of [...]

Grupel’s commercial director visits Bangladesh

It was with a very warm welcome that our commercial director Mr. Pedro Quelhas, was received at SSG, in Bangladesh.SSG - Super Star Group, is one of the largest companies in Bangladesh and is also Grupel's exclusive distributor in its country.The company has more than 20 years in the market and the brand has become associated with modern lifestyle electrical household products and lighting solutions. The company also sells electrical accessories, renewable energy solutions and power generators. The partnership with [...]

CPMAQ visits our generator set production plant

These last few days were truly great to Grupel S.A. We received a significant amount of visits from foreign clients and distributors which gave a true sense of accomplishment.One of those visits was made by our exclusive distributor in Peru, CPMAQ, Corporación Peruana de Maquinaria SAC. This company started its operations in June 2009 with the purpose of importing and market generator sets, lighting towers, parts and quality accessories such as automatic transfer boards, electrical cables, batteries, etc. They also provide a [...]