Grupel Circuit Breaker

What is the role and functions of the circuit breaker in a generator?

Not only of an alternator and an engine lives a Grupel generator. Therefore, we look carefully and in detail at all the elements that make up and contribute to the proper functioning of our products, which include sensors, switchgear, resistors and, among others, circuit breakers. We try to have more and more of these components in our own brand, because we believe that, investing on the quality of each piece, we can differentiate our final product, making it increasingly competent [...]

Grupel controllers, the “brains” that respond to market needs

At Grupel, we seek to create differentiated value propositions, taking into account the diversity of the markets. We like to be prepared to respond to any request, from the simplest to the most complex, in order to satisfy the varied needs of each of our customers. That is why we invest in our own components that are produced with quality, easy to use, and able to meet the interests and needs of consumers. In addition to the main elements, such as [...]

Grupel + Grupel, innovation and focus on the customer go hand in hand

Two of the greatest pillars of our brand are, of course, the focus on the customer and the constant search for innovation – making our product distinct so that it can compete in a large and strong market. For a long time, we have been trying to encourage a technology that, being competitive in cost, also guarantees the high quality of our product. This is the case of our engines, alternators, controllers, and other components, which are manufactured according to [...]

Grupel products are already on BIMobject

As of today, Grupel joins the BIMobject platform, a system that accommodates BIM models (construction information models) of all types of products related to the construction sector. There, we will be able to publish all the digitized information about our products and projects so that engineers, architects, designers, and others connected to the sector can have access to their technical characteristics and specificities and, thus, make clarified choices more easily.The goal of this platform is, in addition to the digitization [...]

2019 in review – an energetic year full of achievements!

Grupel should be proud of its 2019! The company reinforced its leadership in the generator market, in Portugal; expanded its presence around the world; increased its efficiency, enhancing its productive capacity; and won the Five Star Prize for the third consecutive year. Thanks to its unique know-how, the result of 44 years of experience in the energy and generators sector, Grupel was the leader of this market in Portugal, in 2019, having registered a 38% growth compared to 2018. The feat is [...]

4th Convention of Grupel Spain Agents – time to coordinate strategies and objectives

For two days, the Commercial Agents of Grupel in Spain were in the company’s facilities, in Vagos (Portugal), where they had technical and specialized training and were able to clarify their doubts about the particularities and new features of the products sold by Grupel. The meeting was also used to share the company’s commercial goals for the future, and to strengthen relations between the various teams that, even at a distance, work together. The heads of the commercial department and the Spanish [...]

Grupel’s Cogeneration System – Get to know the project

Grupel carried out yet another special project, this time using a system of simultaneous production of two or more types of energy - a Cogeneration project. A regular generator transforms the chemical energy that exists in fossil fuel (diesel, gas, biogas, among others) into electrical energy. Usually, through the combustion of the first, thermal energy is produced which then is transformed into mechanical energy inside the internal explosion engine. In turn, mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy by means [...]

Kick Energy 2020 – Grupel Sets Goals for the New Year

On January 10th, Grupel celebrated 44 years of activity with a new edition of Kick Energy. In an auditorium occupied by all the company's employees, we reflected on Grupel's history, and shared the goals for 2020. The session was opened by Eng. Marco Santos who focused his intervention on two basic ideas: the unity of the team and the full use of the potential of all departments. The CEO called for Grupel’s team to be united, stressing that only by working [...]

Grupel’s Energy shines for the third consecutive year with the Five Star Award

For the 3rd consecutive year, Grupel is distinguished as the brand of reference, in the Generators category of the Five Stars 2020 Award. This distinction is based on five variables that influence Portuguese consumers in their purchasing decisions:satisfaction/experimentation; price/quality; recommendation; confidence in the brand; and innovation.Having 4 brands been evaluated, Grupel is once again the winning brand, in the Generators category, this year, which emphasizes its status as a leading company, in this sector, in Portugal.This honour is the [...]

The difference between single-phase and three-phase voltage

The difference between single-phase and three-phase voltage

The difference between single-phase voltage and three-phase voltage, respectively, simple voltage and compound voltage, is basically in the value between them. The compound voltage is √3 times higher than the simple voltage, ie V (compound) = V (simple) x √3 (approximately 1.732). This difference can be identified with a voltmeter. For compound voltage, the voltage is measured between the two phases, and for single voltage, the voltage is measure between the phase and the neutral.An alternator that supplies single-phase voltage [...]