MEE 2019 Grupel

MEE Dubai, a fair to create and enhance partnerships

The Middle East Electricity (MEE 2019) for being the biggest fair in the world in this sector is the ideal place to create and enhance partnerships. This event, MEE 2019, happened in the days 5-7 of March in Dubai, the perfect set geographically, since it covers a wide area of 4 continents, and only the big brands in the market like Grupel are present. This is a very important fair not only because of its visibility but also to demonstrate [...]

Grupel as Smart Industry

Grupel as Smart Industry – Technology generates energy

The program Imagens de Marca from the Portuguese channel SIC de Notícias releases a new section with energy, that mentions Grupel as Smart Industry. “Grupel stands out as the national leader in the gensets market, taking its national energy to the four corners of the globe” - This is how the section Imagens de Marca with Grupel as Smart Industry started and with the main goal to demonstrate how digital technology is revolutionizing the industry of several sectors in the Portuguese [...]

Middle East Electricity 19 Grupel

Come to Middle East Electricity 2019 and share Grupel’s energy!

Once more Grupel will be present at the Middle East Electricity 19 in Dubai from 5  to 7th of March at booth S3.D40. This year Grupel at Middle East Electricity is looking forward to presenting its new products and improvements on the existing generators on its portfolio. In the booth we will have actual generators to represent our portfolio and for the visitors to see the quality, robustness, and components of our products. We will also have different versions of our product, [...]

Principais Falhas no Arranque de um Gerador

The Reasons Why the Genset Fails to Start

Preventive maintenance is very important to prevent failures on the genset functioning. However, an unexpected failure can happen for several reasons. Below we present the main reasons why the genset fails to start: Battery failureMost of the failures on the genset startup are related to the battery. A significant percentage of this fault is due to the accumulation of lead sulfate in the battery plates which ends up by disabling them. The purchase of a battery without maintenance it is [...]

Portable Generator Grupel

Portable Generators, Flexible Range, Resistant and Practical

Recently we added to our portfolio of products a new portable generator Grupel (3000rpm), the gasoline portable generator of 8kW Single Phase & Three Phase. This new portable generator provides the possibility to function under two options (single-phase and three-phase) in just one equipment, this version has better finishes, it is more robust and has an alternator of higher quality. Just like in the other models, it is necessary to have certain cares as: before turning the generator on, ensure that [...]

Genset power factor

Understand the meaning of a genset power factor

Discover the different types of power kW, kVA, kVAr and its relation with the power factor (cosine of Fi (φ)). To understand the genset power factor, first, we will start by exploring the different types of power, on which the kW (kiloWatt – active power), the kVAr (kiloVolt Ampere reactive –reactive power) and the kVA (kiloVolt Ampere – apparent power) are electrical power measurements. The kW is the power that generates work, kVAr is the used power that creates and maintains [...]

Infografia Grupel - Energy
Infografia Grupel - EN

2018 was a year of growth, recognition, and energy

Grupel S.A. is a company 100% Portuguese, a leader in the manufacture of diesel generators in Portugal, and elected by Portuguese consumers for the second consecutive year with the Five Stars Award 2019, establishing in the gensets and energy market as a recognized brand, of quality and as a trusted brand by consumers. With the experience and know-how of over 40 years in the generators and energy sector, Grupel is prepared to meet the needs of the customer and present [...]

Electric voltage and electric current

Find out the relation between voltage, current, and electric resistance 

The electric voltage (U) and electric current (I) are very different concepts, better known as voltage and current. It is impossible to refer to electric voltage and electric current without mentioning the law of all laws, the Ohm's law, that has the following relation:Where:R: Electric resistance, in Ohm (Ω) U: Electric voltage, in Volts (V) A: Electric current, in Ampere (A)Basically, the electric resistance is the easiness or difficulty that the materials have, to opposed to the electric current passage. When is [...]

Kick Energy 2019

Kick Energy 2019 – The kick-off to another year full of energy

Last January 7th, Grupel celebrated 43 years together with the Grupelian family and took advantage of this day to throw the “dices” for 2019 in the event Kick Energy 2019. This event, named Kick Energy 2019, had the purpose to present the strategies and goals for 2019, where each department responsible describes the results achieved in 2018 and goals to reach in the next years. The opening of the event happened with a speech from Eng. Marco Santos, CEO of Grupel with [...]

Five Stars Energy
Prémio Cinco Estrelas 19

Five Stars Energy, for the second consecutive year

The Portuguese elected once more Grupel as the best brand in the category “Diesel Generators” in Portugal. In 2018 the award was given to Grupel, which confirms that we are on a good path and meet the expectations of our consumers. The Five Stars award is an evaluation system that measures the satisfaction level that the products, services, and brands give to users. It uses the most complete and strict methodology in the market, having as criteria for evaluating the main [...]