special projects

How does Grupel build up the special projects?

The special projects have a way of production and assembling lines that are very distinct from the standard because, in this case, there is nothing standard about it, these genset groups are customized and created according to the customer requirements. The stages of special projects go through the design ability, development, production, installation and commissioning of projects. When we receive the directions for a new special project, the first step is to know all the technical and special specifications that the client needs to implement [...]

Grupel portable generators

Basics & Best practices in the use of portable generators

Grupel wants to ensure that the usage of its products is always in a safe way and that the user is aware of the procedures, and for that, Grupel created this guide of best practices in the use of Grupel portable generators. What you need to do when you turn it on and offDo not turn on the generator in front of the exhaust; Always check the oil level before turning on the generator; After switching off, leave the generator to [...]

Bureau Veritas certification

Grupel with Bureau Veritas Certification

Nowadays, Grupel is certified with Quality (ISO 9001) and Environment (ISO 14001) for an international entity, Bureau Veritas certification, which recently proved our evolution in processes, products, and services provided by Grupel. Grupel in the July did another renovation on its Bureau Veritas certification, but also a transition to the 2015 new version of quality and environment norms - ISO 9001:2015 e ISO 14001:2015, respectively the two management system regulations that are the most used worldwide which improves significantly the [...]

Grupel Special Project
Projeto especial Grupel

Grupel Special Project in Mexico – 1507kVA (STP)

Recently Grupel installed an emergency diesel genset in a combined cycle power plant in Mexico and added a new special project to the portfolio. In this Grupel special project, there is a 1507kVA (STP) Emergency Diesel Genset with MTU 18V2000G85 engine and Leroy Somer LSA 50.2 L7 alternator in a 40” container. This genset was installed in a Combined Cycle Power Plant in Mexico, for feeding the essential load that is required for protecting sensitive equipment of the plant in [...]

Grupel installs 2 Gensets of 1000kVA in Angola

Grupel highlights the excellent implementation of one unit of 2 Gensets of 1000kVA in a Grupel special project with a continuous power and in parallel in a unit of 5MVA in Acail Angola, in the province of Luanda. In the field, our client Acail could count on the technical support of our engineer Panagiotis Saliaris, that performed with success the installation and commissioning of the equipment on this Grupel special project. The integrated system included the supply and installation of two gensets, and every [...]

Grupel Gensets Applications

Grupel Gensets applications in Spanish territory

One of the characteristics that distinguish Grupel is the capacity to adapt the needs of each customer, and the reason is that you can customize, improve and change according to its needs, location or sector of the Grupel Gensets applications. In Spain, Grupel is present through agents, where each one is responsible for one region or more and through technical service that it is responsible for the after-sales service, maintenance, installation, and training. Grupel has a strong presence in Spain due [...]

Big Projects Grupel

Big Projects with Grupel Gensets in Spain

Grupel has a strong presence in the gensets market, in projects, private sales, and in big projects. In these Big Projects Grupel the work has many specifications, and for that Grupel works as a team and with the team responsible for the project. Grupel already has experience in developing complex engineering projects not only in Spain but also in other countries. Below you can see some of these big projects by Grupel in Spain: ONSHORE CASTOR PROJECT - OIL & GASThis project consisted of [...]

Big Project Grupel Kenya
Grande projeto Grupel Quénia
Grande projeto Grupel Quénia - Aplicação

Grupel deliveries 2,7 MW to Kenya

Grupel has achieved another goal and completed another important project that we can add to our portfolio and greatest projects, the Big Project Grupel Kenya. With Grupel and our engineering department experience on Big Projects, this was a simple project thanks to the products of high quality and that are fully operational in every environment. Grupel was already present in Kenya through the distributor Power Management Services Ltd. (PMS), an important partnership that leads to this recent conquest and that gives Grupel’s brand [...]

Grupel Energy Tour Portugal

The ENERGY that was missing to win the Cycling Tour of Portugal

Almost two weeks from the beginning of the 80º Cycling Tour of Portugal, the cycling team of Sporting-Tavira visited Grupel’s facilities, and for being one of the official team sponsors, Grupel wanted to invite the team so that it could give personally all the energy for this Tour edition and “ask” for a final victory. Grupel continues to be one of the official sponsors of the Sporting-Tavira cycling team, and responsible for providing the energy in the official bus of [...]

Energy everywhere with Grupel Portable Generators

Grupel portable generators are backup devices, developed to provide temporary energy to the equipment of electric energy consumption. Grupel Portable Generators models of low power bear some household basic devices, while the high-power models can provide energy for the entire household. Beyond the residential sector, the portable generators also have application in sectors like construction and industry due to its low-cost and easy installation. Constructions activities like cutting, lifting and perforating strongly depend on a continuous energy supply, and because of that, [...]