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Understand the exhaust gas color of a Generator

Find out how to identify the type of malfunction through the smoke analysis! The exhaust gas exit of a Diesel Genset can indicate that something is wrong because it shouldn’t have any color in normal usage conditions.In the start-up of the genset or when it must provide power abruptly, it is perfectly normal that the engine releases a little bit of smoke, because of the turbo delay when trying to stabilize the airflow velocity that corresponds to the injected diesel volume inside [...]

Technical Assistance Training with our partners from Spain

Recently, on the days of 7 and 8 of May, we received in our facilities Grupel, SAT (Technical Assistance Training) members from Spain for a Grupel Academy training with focus on technical service on Gensets. Grupel Academy consists on a plan of technical-commercial training with the goal to satisfy the needs of knowledge or to resolve technical problems in a personalized way and adapted to people involved in the development process of the product, specifically to diesel gensets. In this event dedicated [...]

Grupel Academy – Specialized Training

With Grupel Academy, Grupel ensures that the team is a technical specialist and that guarantees a high standard of engineering in the various sections of production, as well as the permanent technical assistance supported by an experienced team in the Genset production since 1976. We differentiate for our production flexibility and ability to offer a global service (since the initial project, manufacturing, installation turnkey, commissioning and follow up) and through the years we became leaders in the diesel generators market [...]

Grupel installs 3.5MW at a Jordan Oil Terminal

Following the development and international growth strategy of recent years, Grupel has recently installed three generators at a Oil Terminal in Jordan. The project, consisting of the supply of three emergency diesel generators, has the following power outputs, 1658kVA and 1350kVA, and has the following features:1x 1658kVA (STP) Emergency Diesel Genset with PERKINS 4012-46TAG2A engine with STAMFORD PI734E alternator and DSE7420 controller in a 40” container.2x 1350kVA (STP) Emergency Diesel Genset with PERKINS 4012-46TWG2A engine with STAMFORD PI734C alternator [...]

Grupel switches on 30 MW of flexible power in Africa

Portuguese company Grupel is making life easier in thousands of homes and businesses across Africa by installing pioneering new power plants that bring extra electrical capacity and reliability. With Africa's economy on a positive trajectory, national governments across the continent are increasingly investing in underdeveloped utilities and services such as electric power. One challenge is finding innovative ways to produce the additional power required by some of the continent's more isolated communities. One solution is fast-track diesel-fueled power plants. These modestly-sized [...]

Middle East Electricity 2018
Grupel na MEE 2018

Irreverent presence of Grupel in the MEE 2018

Grupel is a leader company that is dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of gensets in Portugal and that was awarded by the Portuguese people with the Five Star 2018 award. Once again, Grupel attended the prestigious fair Middle East Electricity (MEE 2018), that took place between March 6 and 8 in Dubai. MEE 2018 is an outstanding event of international recognition in the power industry, dedicated to products in this sector like production, transmission and distribution and in this [...]

Auxiliary Emergency Systems

What types of Auxiliary Emergency Systems there are?

An auxiliary emergency system is an equipment that provides support to meet the energy needs of a given location or infrastructure, can function as a primary or complementary source. Auxiliary emergency system presupposes design, development and installation tailored to the needs and conditions of the infrastructures which will assist. To achieve this, the assembly teams must use all their experience to implement a reliable solution corresponding to the demanding levels of the final application.When faced with types of large installations [...]

What is a genset?

A genset refers to an equipment whose function is to convert the so-called heat capacity into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy. Briefly, it consists of a motor and an alternator that are coupled and inserted in a base with other elements. These complementary elements are:batteries, fuel tank, control panel, automatic transfer switch, and soundproof.In terms of use, gensets can usually be used as a main source or as an auxiliary source to respond to energy needs, in [...]

Diesel Generator | Grupel

How Diesel Generator Works

The diesel generator is an equipment whose use is indicated for applications that require more power and for continuous operation. They convert the fuel into electrical energy, through the combustion of diesel. This type of fuel, compared to others like gasoline, for example, is burned at a higher temperature, hence more efficient and ensure greater power to the generator. Diesel generators require regular maintenance to function properly. In general, how does a diesel generator work?First, air is blown into the [...]

A different Christmas video, because the cause deserves it!

On the 12th of October, at one of the many planning meetings we hold in Grupel’s Marketing Department, we addressed the issue of the 2017 Christmas Video and what could be done differently this year. Here Mariana (from Marketing Department) says:“a couple of days ago, coming by car with Analisa (from Financial department) she had a fantastic idea for this year’s video”“Oh really?! We questioned. “So, call her and let’s listen”. Analisa entered the meeting and talked about the summer fires [...]