Grupel wins the 2021 Five Star Award

Our Energy continues to shine among the PortugueseIn a difficult and very different year, Grupel continues to have reasons to feel proud, as it was awarded with the Five Star Award for the 4th consecutive time. The award is a sign of recognition of our brand as a reference in the sector of Generators in Portugal. And this year it is special, given the adversities that we have faced, the unprecedented rules, the new ways of working... Even at a distance, [...]

Safety tips for Portable Generators

Safety tips for using your Portable Generator

Grupel’s range of portable generators allows you to have energy always at hand. The 3 models, with powers from 2 to 6.9kVA, are versatile, easy to use and ideal for activities at home or for leisure. But to ensure a proper and efficient operation, you must consider some practices that will enable you to get the best out of your generator, while ensuring that it has a long useful life.Here are 8 steps you should take to safeguard your [...]

Grupel's Special Project WWTP Australia

Grupel’s Special Project to assist a Wastewater Treatment Plant (Australia)

Since we operate in more than 60 countries, on 5 continents, one of Grupel's greatest goals is to diversify our offer so that we can meet the different needs of our customers around the world. Therefore, we work to design versatile products that respond to the requests and requirements that come from different markets. And, regardless of the complexity of the projects, we focus our efforts on creating solutions adapted to the conditions and the different contexts in which our [...]

Grupel's Special Project for the Spanish Army

Grupel’s Special Project for the Spanish Army

At Grupel, we work tirelessly to make our products more and more versatile and capable of serving the greatest possible number of applications and people. We do it, regardless of the complexity of the requirements and needs of our customers, because this is the only way we can evolve, improve, and make our brand a reference in quality and efficiency. That is why we welcome any challenge like the one proposed by the Spanish Army with open arms: a special itinerant [...]

Grupel Special Project - Azito, Ivory Coast

Special Project to support the Azito Combined Cycle Power Plant (Ivory Coast)

For some time now, Grupel has been taking on Special Projects of great dimension and complexity. Great scope projects that constitute real engineering challenges, that are different, and that must be adapted to the most demanding needs of our customers. Flexibility has always been the motto in the company, which, associated with a great productive capacity, makes Grupel a trustworthy brand in the design and implementation of this type of solutions.Recently, we were challenged to carry out a project that [...]

Plastic Fuel Tank

The advantages of the plastic fuel tank

At Grupel, we are 100% dedicated to innovation and to the constant improvement of all the elements that make up and contribute to the good functioning of our generators. We believe that the quality of each piece makes a difference in our final product, making it increasingly more competent and reliable. That is why, with the last update of our standard generators, fuel tanks are now made of plastic. Currently, our equipment has this type of deposit, entirely in plastic [...]

Grupel Solutions for Agriculture

Grupel solutions for the agricultural sector

Over the years, Grupel has been creating and developing quality solutions for the agricultural sector, with equipment that is capable of truly supporting producers and their needs at every stage. This sector depends on energy in all its phases, from planting to harvesting, through the feeding and treatment of livestock. Given the conditions it presents today and being an area that is increasingly automated and dependent on machinery, it cannot suffer power failures or from being energized by an unstable [...]

portable generator for your vacation

Grupel Portable Generators | Energy for your holidays

You may need extra energy, even while you are on vacation. Whether it is for outdoor leisure activities or even to seize the time away from the office to make renovations in your home or garden, you need to ensure you have the energy to do it.Grupel’s range of portable generators is ideal for this because it allows you to have energy always at hand. In addition to specific attributes and powers (between 2 and 6.9kW), the three models in [...]

Resistência Anti Condensação

The role of the alternator’s space heater

The space heater’s purpose is to reduce the moisture in the alternator. The integrity of the insulation and the components of the generator, namely of the alternator, must be carefully preserved, and one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent the accumulation of moisture and condensation is the use of space heaters, as these utensils maintain an adequate temperature so that the conditions for condensation are not met.These components are recommended for:places where the relative humidity is high places [...]

What are the PMG and AREP for?

What are the PMG and AREP Systems for?

To ensure the generator’s stable operation, it is important that there are no major voltage fluctuations. For this purpose, an excitation current is created to provide power to the AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator), a device that maintains the generator's nominal voltage at a preset value, even when there are sudden load variations or in the case of special operations, such as:parallel operation between generators parallel operation between the generator and the grid start-up of more demanding equipmentIn regular [...]