Industry 4.0: the impact on Grupel’s digital transformation

Grupel is on an ongoing digital transformation process that allows us to modernize our work and make it more efficient in time and costs. This change in our company, accompanies the process of digitalization of global industry, a "revolution" recognized as Industry 4.0, which brings new opportunities for growth and innovation of products and services, and the optimization of systems and internal procedures of organizations and companies. The digital transformation of industry involves the development and implementation of automated mechanisms, [...]

Grupel's energy empowers the cycling team Sporting CP / Tavira
Energia Grupel reforça a equipa Sporting CP/Tavira
Energia Grupel reforça a equipa Sporting CP/Tavira
Energia Grupel reforça a equipa Sporting CP/Tavira

Grupel’s energy empowers Sporting CP / Tavira cycling team

In keeping with Grupel's versatility and dynamics, and within the framework of the recently signed sponsoring partnership, we are pleased to announce the successfull installation of a stand-by-power diesel generator to support the Sporting CP / Tavira cycling team competing in A Volta a Portugal 2017, Portugal's most relevant cycling competition. Grupel carries out customized projects and solutions and offers a global service, from initial design, manufacturing, turnkey installation and finally, commissioning and monitoring. We work with dedicated software for assembly projects, including mechanical [...]

Grupel Energy in the requalification of the Pavilion Carlos Lopes

Grupel is present in major rehabilitation works in Portugal. With a wide range of tailor-made solutions and the most varied areas requiring an auxiliary power source, Grupel has implemented two generators for energy support in the now rehabilitated the Pavilion Carlos Lopes in Lisbon. The requalification of this iconic space cost eight million euros to the Tourism Association of Lisbon (ATL), entity in charge of rehabilitating the building and has as its objective the dissemination of the achievements of the [...]

Engineering solutions applied to power generation

Grupel has become in recent years, an international reference manufacturer in engineering solutions applied to the generation of energy and under the most diverse environmental requirements. The commitment to this strategic sector, which began in 2010 with the acquisition of the company Cymasa specializing in this type of applications, progressively increased with the development of new applications and solutions, supported by a consolidated engineering team and the construction of a modern production center in Aveiro (Portugal), which concentrated the various [...]