CEO Message

Engineer Marco Santos, Grupel CEO

Grupel started its operations in 1976, founded by Mr. Melo, as a small production unit in Alquerubim, near Aveiro which manufactured and sold gensets. Today it has become the largest production unit of generator sets in Portugal operating in 5 continents and with more than 50 distributors spread across the globe.

Our focus is well defined and is always towards our customer, aiming to always exceed expectations. With that purpose in mind, we challenge ourselves daily to reach even further, getting out of our comfort zone. Despite our 40 years of existence, we have a very young, dynamic and professional environment. We want that all our employees feel good working in Grupel and that somehow we make their lives happier.

The future and success of the organization lies in its strategic investment in foreign markets. We work, year after year, to reinforce the positioning of the Grupel brand internationally, because our borders go far beyond Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries. We want to have an important position in this global village where we live, operating and satisfying the needs of different customers, always keeping the focus on the specificities of each market.

I hope to continue the process of high growth that we have achieved with the support and partnership with all "stakeholders", customers, employees, suppliers, financial institutions, auditors and other institutions. In this way we will continue to walk towards success, growing in a sustainable way and generating value with a high financial strength.