Constitution of Grupel as an organized company on 7th January, by Mr. José Reis da Conceição de Oliveira Melo and his wife Maria de Fátima Gregorio Melo.

 Um dos primeiros geradores elétricos produzidos pela Grupel.

One of the first generators produced by Grupel.


Grupel acquired its first manufacturing facilities.

Grupel adquiriu as suas primeiras instalações fabris.

Modernization of the manufacturing facilities and installing of a testing laboratory.


Acquisition by the company Telcabo of the full share previously owned by the company TVE.


Acquisition by the company Omnimetal of the full share previously owned by the company Telcabo.


Cymasa- Groups eletrógenos SL. a spanish company leader in the manufacturing of large power generators is acquired by Grupel.


Transformation of Grupel from a limited responsibility company to an “S.A.”.

With the group corporate restructuring, Omnisantos, SGPS, SA became the totalitarian shareholder where Eng. Marco Santos assumes the CEO role. In the same date, an injection of share capital was made, increasing from € 498,800 to € 1,080,000 in order to meet the company’s investment needs, and strengthening its capital structure. At the same time, the export market sales represented more than 50% of the company’s total turnover;

Restructuring of the commercial department.

With a new dynamic and experienced team combining the adoption of new strategies for international markets;

Changing Industrial Facilities

Grupel starts the construction of a new plant with 6000m2 factory area and 1,000 m2 of offices, located in Vagos Industrial Zone very near a major highroad, to respond to the company’s growth thereby increasing its production capacity to 5000 annual groups;

Grupel Angola starts its internationalization process, aiming to establish itself as one of the leading companies in the field of generators in Africa.


Grupel Engineering by Cymasa

Following the reorganization of the entire Group, from January 2015 there was a merger of the brands Cymasa and Grupel that transformed into the brand “Grupel by Cymasa”. The focus is to continue with the highly competitive standard solutions offered by Grupel, paired with the Know-How and strength of the more complex and engineering detailed solutions by Cymasa. This new brand will be implemented in the markets of Spain and Latin America, and in Spain we will continue with our direct sales network and our local agents, in all provinces. We will continue to make an effort to be closer to our customers thus offering competitive solutions with added value.