Our Culture

Our Team has a winning energy!

It’s our people that make our Grupel culture, and that makes our energy unique. Who knows us knows that feeling of belonging that characterize us, and our presence in social media shows in part what we live here, presenting in feature some of our internal initiatives.

But there is much more!

If you identify, we invite you to share this energy.

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Social Responsibility

We are aware of our social intervention and we know that we can make a difference. We try, day by day to go further with this responsibility with our people and our society. Our people find in Grupel a space propitious to their development, and our Social Responsibility practices try to involve everybody, giving more meaning and importance in each action we do.

Our Team

Grupelians are our best ambassadors.

With them, our history is created and with them, we build the future Grupel!

What about you? Are you starting to feel our energy?

Awards & Distinctions


Grupel has been distinguished, for the fortth time, with the Award "Cinco Estrelas" in the category of “Diesel Gensets” by Portuguese consumers.

This distinction consolidates Grupel’s leadership as the nº1 company in Portugal that produces diesel gensets.