Quality and Environment Policy Grupel S.A.

Grupel is a company dedicated to the energy sector, promotes its permanent adaptation to the constant mutations and market demands, and the anticipation of possible trends of evolution that demand the necessary engaging and participation of all employees – everyone contributes to the main goal of the company: ensure continually the effectiveness of our Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System  and consequently its products and services, as well as satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers, considering the environmental impact of its activities and in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Grupel developed strategies and behaviors that allow ensuring the goods production and services to comply with the client’s requirements that meet their expectations, with the goal of their satisfaction and consequently their loyalty. For that, the administration of Grupel defined and approved the following action principles for the company based on ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, commits to:

  • Understand, analyze and adapt the company to its needs, expectations, and requirements from clients, guaranteeing their total satisfaction in our products and competitive services, leading to their loyalty and image consolidation of the company in the market;
  • Protect the environment through a responsible usage of resources, pollution prevention and promote recycling, preserving biodiversity and ecosystems;
  • Identify, evaluate and control environmental aspects demands due to its activity, products, and services, considering also the ones that can be controlled and influenced in all interested parties, from a life cycle perspective;
  • Stimulate the openness, creativity, training, responsibility and work ethic, potentiating the company good image;
  • Stimulate the teamwork and promote the involvement of everyone, ensuring the quality and environmental requirements of suppliers and other interested parties, monitoring the client’s satisfaction, promoting and dynamizing the relations and partnerships;
  • Produce products and provide services in conformity with established internal procedures, the contractual requirements undertaking and compliance obligations arising from legislation and regulations applicable, which ensures continually its compliance assessment and correction of possible identified deviations;
  • Proactively adopt an attitude of continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System, directed to improve its environmental performance;
  • Count with the permanent effort and supplies involvement to ensure the needs and satisfaction of our clients;
  • Improve the company rentability and promote a reduction of costs.

GRUPEL's Management assumes as its duty and responsibility for the promotion and maintenance of this Policy, informing all levels of the company and making it available to all interested parties.


CEO GRUPEL | Marco Santos

Soza, 30 of June 2018