How to check your genset’s oil, fuel and antifreeze levels and condition?

Do you know the importance of checking the level and condition of your genset's oil, fuel, and antifreeze? Grupel makes it simple and gives you some tips on how to proceed.


Some maintenance procedures are related to the liquid “components” without which the generator cannot operate properly - the oil, the fuel and the antifreeze.

Being aware of the state and level of these fluids and following the maintenance schedule of each one can really make a difference.


  • Oil is used to lubricate internal engine components, so if it is less than ideal, it can lead to complete engine degradation.
  • Fuel is used to power the engine. Without fuel, the engine will not start or run.
  • Antifreeze is used to cool the engine and prevent it from overheating, so an inadequate level of this product can lead to serious engine damage.


How to check oil, fuel and antifreeze levels and condition



In most cases, the engine oil level is checked with a dipstick, which has a maximum and a minimum level. Depending on the level shown on the dipstick, you must add or drain the oil.

This product must be replaced according to the engine maintenance plan - period that varies depending on the manufacturer.

It is also important to find out if there is a change in the color or texture of the oil, as this means that it is in poor condition and, therefore, damaging the equipment.



Before starting the generator, it is necessary to check the amount of fuel in the tank and make sure that there are no leaks.

In Grupel generators, the fuel level is measured by a float. This information is passed to the controller, who will show it as a percentage.



On most equipment, the level of this product is checked by using your finger in the antifreeze filler cap.

In some cases, there is a display on top of the radiator and / or an antifreeze level sensor.

The most common causes for a low level of antifreeze are leaks and the lack of cleaning and checking the radiator.


Oil, fuel and antifreeze verification plan for Grupel engines *


* Each manufacturer has its own maintenance plan. In this table, there are only the recommendations for Grupel engines.

Grupel recommends Repsol 15w40 oil and 50% Organic Repsol antifreeze for its brand's engines.


Other recommendations

Each manufacturer normally has its own recommendations regarding the type of oil, fuel and antifreeze to be used, as well as the maintenance schedule for each component.

You should take into account these suggestions, generally expressed in the user manuals or maintenance contracts.

The cleaning and replacement of filters and deposits are also good practices that must be taken to ensure the conservation of oil, fuel and antifreeze.

Through maintenance procedures, it becomes easier to identify any signs of problems in the generator. Periodic maintenance contributes positively to the proper functioning of the generator, which, ultimately, leads to a more economical performance, without failures and accidents, and to prolong the life of the equipment.


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