Five Stars Energy, for the second consecutive year

Awards & Recognitions

The Portuguese consumers elected once again Grupel as the best brand in the category “Diesel Generators”.

This award was given to Grupel for the 2nd time, which confirms that we are on a good path and meeting the expectations of our consumers.

The Five Stars award (Prémio Cinco Estrelas) is an evaluation system that measures the satisfaction level that products, services and brands give to users.

It uses the most complete and rigorous methodology in the market, using as evaluation criteria the main variables that influence consumers’ buying decisions.

To understand better the involvement and importance of this award, below I explain the relevant factors and characteristics evaluated:

Evaluation Phases

1ª – Focus Group and Committee Evaluation
Experiment satisfaction

2ª – Experiment tests
Experiment satisfaction
Purchase intention/Recommendation

3ª – Massive evaluation
Confidence in the brand


Characteristics evaluated on the genset:

  • Robustness (construction quality and resistance to usage);
  • Reliability (functioning without failures);
  • Soundproof;
  • Consumption;
  • Technical assistance.


Surveyed people
Active customers of the brands under evaluation and consumers overall.
In this study/evaluation 1490 people were involved.


Factors in evidence by the consumers

  • Equipment resistance to permanent usage;
  • Doesn’t have failures;
  • It doesn’t make too much noise;
  • Presents moderated consumption;
  • Permanent service of technical assistance;
  • Equipment useful life;
  • Possibility to substitute spare parts;
  • Necessary time to resolve a malfunction | substitution of spare parts;
  • Count on a specialized team (helps in the decision of selecting the right equipment, power, and characteristics);
  • Possibility to order customized equipment.


As can be observed in the points mentioned above, this award reveals that Grupel meets the general expectations towards its consumers, managing to keep superior to its competitors, which also results in a sales enhancement in the national territory.

The Five Stars award rewards the brand, but this one, can only achieve success thanks to its employees that perform everyday their duties, with dedication and always looking to exceed, so that it can be elected the best brand in the national territory.

Winning this award for the second year in a row is synonymous of hard work, effort and dedication.

We can only be extremely proud of this recognition made by the Portuguese consumers. We now have an added responsibility to continue to win this award and remain to be the consumers’ choice.

Last January 16th, we were present at the Gala Five Stars Award to receive this distinction.

Thank you all, we are a Five Stars Team!

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