Does renewable energy also require the support of generators?

Renewable energy, which comes from natural resources that renew themselves unlimitedly (the sun, wind or water), are growing year after year. The cost reduction in the installation, the availability of access to these resources, and the growing concern for the environment have led many people and businesses to choose this type of energy system. However, renewable energy sources are not continuous, as they are only available at certain times (when there is sun or wind, for example) and certain quantities, [...]

Generators for healtcare sector

Generators for the healthcare sector

A network of healthcare and hospital infrastructure is essential to ensure the well-being and safety of people and communities, since it is in hospitals, clinics and wards that the treatment of diseases and trauma, the containment of infections and the prevention of illnesses are carried out. Many of the processes that take place in these facilities, such as surgeries, medical examinations, and other practices, depend on electricity, so any failure, however brief, can put the safety of patients and the [...]

Generators fpr residential use

Grupel generators for residential use

Even in places where the mains power is well structured and accessible, there are factors such as bad weather, maintenance and construction works that can lead to power supply failures and cause several activities and processes to cease, even if temporarily. While it is true that these power outages have serious consequences for various sectors of activity, such as agriculture, retail, health, telecommunications, it is also true in the domestic context, both in homes and residential buildings. The absence of electricity [...]

The main components of a generator set

Generators are equipment designed to generate electrical power. They can therefore be key elements in the event of a mains failure, guaranteeing power to the facility they serve, or to operate continuously, ensuring the total supply of electricity to various types of applications and projects. From industry, to construction, agriculture, health, and tourism, generators can serve a multitude of equipment or facilities in a reliable and safe manner, and can count on various types of fuel, depending on the needs and [...]

Data centers generators

The characteristics of data center generators

Thanks to the technological advances of the last decades, we live in the age of digitalization. The growth and globalization of the Internet, computer structures and knowledge, and the development of new information and communication technologies have brought us to a time when most of the information is produced and stored informatically. Companies, governments, institutions, and people all over the world generate great amounts of data every day, which they share, store, and depend on for their work, tasks, and [...]

Partnership Grupel Benza

Grupel establishes commercial partnership with Benza Energía (Internaco)

Grupel and Benza Energía, from the Spanish group Internaco, have recently joined in a bilateral commercial agreement, which will enable the worldwide growth of both brands of the power generation sector. The partnership will allow the sharing of technical know-how and market experience, for the realization of increasingly versatile and robust projects, as well as more adapted to the real needs and contexts of customers. Both companies have many years of experience in the genset market and come to this agreement [...]

Generators Power Plants

Why are generators crucial in power plants?

The numerous activities, businesses, and processes within communities depend on the countries' energy infrastructure, which can be composed of power plants of various types (thermoelectric, hydroelectric, wind, nuclear). Therefore, it is necessary to create support structures that can guarantee an agile and reliable supply, and that are composed of robust and powerful gensets suitable for demanding needs in order to ensure the controlled and smooth operation of all the processes and details of the power plants. These generators must be prepared [...]

The advantages of Grupel+Grupel generators

Over the years, Grupel has been investing in the quality and differentiation of its products, always aiming to provide the best solutions to its clients and to respond to their needs, while maintaining an excellent quality-price ratio. That is why we have invested in components of our own brand, which do not depreciate the quality of our gensets and, moreover, add value to the final product.As a result of this investment, our Grupel+Grupel generators (composed of components pf Grupel’s brand) [...]

The characteristics of Grupel’s Canopies

Grupel's product development team works daily for the constant improvement of each of our products, with the purpose of evolving and innovating the final product and, ultimately, satisfying the needs of our clients. From one of these improvement projects, a new type of canopy emerged which is more resistant and whose manufacturing process is faster and more flexible.But which features distinguish Grupel’s canopies?Bolted / non-welded canopyThe main advantage of the bolted canopy is that it presents very low levels [...]

Grupel's solutions for telecommunications

Grupel solutions for the Telecommunications sector

Today's world lives on communication with others, whether in business and other professional activities, or in the personal relationships we establish. Nowadays, people all over the world maintain long-distance relationships and connections using their phones, cell phones, computers, the internet and mobile networks. The telecommunications sector therefore involves more and more automated operations, and the infrastructure that makes it up is often in remote locations where access to a structured and stable power grid is very difficult. A deficient power grid [...]