What means to be partner or distributor of Grupel?

Grupel besides being the national leader on the gensets market and present more than 60 countries, is also highlighted for its quality, not only of the products but also, of its external relationships with clients, partners, and distributors that focused on their satisfaction. For being present in several countries where there aren’t Grupel direct sales, the sale is held by distributors, with whom we try to establish a trustful and close relation since they are our partners and represent us [...]

29th of May was a day to celebrate: All together. THAT ENERGY

To celebrate World’s Energy Day, nothing more appropriate than to do it with our Grupelianos. We have plenty of reasons to celebrate and we value dearly these disruptive moments to our daily routine, facilitators of socializing and celebrating. We feel, especially on these days, that frontiers are blurred, that hugs are wider and that distances are shortened. Together, we are stronger every day.  We are sure that, at every step that we take, we build the foundations for our future, with [...]

Grupel dreams with U.DREAM

Grupel making the difference and dreaming with U.DREAM

“Being a U.DREAMer means, in the first place, to have a big heart and make it available to who needs it the most. It also means to be tireless and steady, and in the second plan to reach out to others, be the owner of positive and contagious energy, given yourself and expect nothing more than a smile (U.DREAM).“ And it was because of this positive and contagious energy that Grupel joined U.DREAM, the first junior social company of the country, [...]

2ª Conference with Spain Agents of Grupel

This 2ª Conference with Grupel Agents from Spain happened during 14 and 15 of May and the main goal was to present results of the year 2017 and its reflections, strategies for the year 2018 and technical-commercial training Grupel Academy to update the products and components knowledge in a theoretical and practical level. In this conference, the present Agents were from the regions of Andalusia, Extremadura, Aragon, Catalonia, Galicia and Valencian Community what allowed us to understand the needs of [...]

Grupel in the International Fair of 2018 in Benguela

FIB, International Fair of Benguela, happened during the days of 16 and 20 of May in the stadium OMBAKA in Benguela. The Fair additionally celebrated the 401 years of the city Benguela, which is usually a historic mark and that reflects the business evolution and development and the socioeconomic in the south part of Angola. The FIB is the “biggest stock business in the country south” and it is inseparable to speak of economic growth and business evolution without mention the [...]

Gas Generator

Understand the exhaust gas color of a Generator

Find out how to identify the type of malfunction through the smoke analysis! The exhaust gas exit of a Diesel Genset can indicate that something is wrong because it shouldn’t have any color in normal usage conditions.In the start-up of the genset or when it must provide power abruptly, it is perfectly normal that the engine releases a little bit of smoke, because of the turbo delay when trying to stabilize the airflow velocity that corresponds to the injected diesel volume inside [...]

Technical Assistance Training with our partners from Spain

Recently, on the days of 7 and 8 of May, we received in our facilities Grupel, SAT (Technical Assistance Training) members from Spain for a Grupel Academy training with focus on technical service on Gensets. Grupel Academy consists on a plan of technical-commercial training with the goal to satisfy the needs of knowledge or to resolve technical problems in a personalized way and adapted to people involved in the development process of the product, specifically to diesel gensets. In this event dedicated [...]

Grupel Academy – Specialized Training

With Grupel Academy, Grupel ensures that the team is a technical specialist and that guarantees a high standard of engineering in the various sections of production, as well as the permanent technical assistance supported by an experienced team in the Genset production since 1976. We differentiate for our production flexibility and ability to offer a global service (since the initial project, manufacturing, installation turnkey, commissioning and follow up) and through the years we became leaders in the diesel generators market [...]

Grupel installs 3.5MW at a Jordan Oil Terminal

Following the development and international growth strategy of recent years, Grupel has recently installed three generators at a Oil Terminal in Jordan. The project, consisting of the supply of three emergency diesel generators, has the following power outputs, 1658kVA and 1350kVA, and has the following features:1x 1658kVA (STP) Emergency Diesel Genset with PERKINS 4012-46TAG2A engine with STAMFORD PI734E alternator and DSE7420 controller in a 40” container.2x 1350kVA (STP) Emergency Diesel Genset with PERKINS 4012-46TWG2A engine with STAMFORD PI734C alternator [...]

Grupel switches on 30 MW of flexible power in Africa

Portuguese company Grupel is making life easier in thousands of homes and businesses across Africa by installing pioneering new power plants that bring extra electrical capacity and reliability. With Africa's economy on a positive trajectory, national governments across the continent are increasingly investing in underdeveloped utilities and services such as electric power. One challenge is finding innovative ways to produce the additional power required by some of the continent's more isolated communities. One solution is fast-track diesel-fueled power plants. These modestly-sized [...]