Generators for Telecommunications

For a market sector that involves automated operations in remote areas, as is the case of telecommunications sector, and Grupel offers to customers, a range of customized solutions with a trustful system and with easy access.

The range of generators for telecommunications of Grupel are customized with fuel tanks of high autonomy and several accessories designed specifically to serve the telecommunications network.

It’s main distinctive feature on this type of genset is its autonomy. The chassis is visibly higher and build with steel, and is also equipped with a anti vibrating system, paint with an anti-corrosion treatment, elevation system and tank of great autonomy.

To facilitate the equipment maintenance, the gensets are produced with a vertical, frontal and lateral opening.

As an extra, these products can include an integrated GSM kit with GPS that allows a supervision, remote control by GSM and localize the genset group in the map with the GPS. This kit can be accessed through a computer, Smartphone or tablet in every part of the world, and it allows to communicate with the GSM modem that is related to the controllers what provides am efficient supervision/control system with total compatibility between the modules.

Still on the list of optional extras, it can be added a table of power sockets single and three-phase, that allows a fast connection to power cables with protective switches.

To complete this optional, Grupel can also equip the gensets for the telecommunications sector with a tropicalized radiator, cooling system prepared for tropical climate, communication by BUS and differential circuit breaker.


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