Case-study: water treatment plant in Qatar

Grupel big project: water treatment plant in Qatar
Grupel big project. Water treatment plant in Qatar
Grupel big project. Water treatment plant in Qatar
Grupel big project. Water treatment plant in Qatar

Case-study: water treatment plant in Qatar

Grupel S.A. highlights the excelent implementation in Qatar of a special project composed of a 2200kVA (STP) Emergency Diesel generator set equiped with a Perkins 4016-61TRG2 engine( with heavy duty air filters) and a Stamford PI734G1 alternator in a 40” container.

The generator set was installed at a reverse osmosis water treatment plant in Qatar for feeding the essential load that is required for protecting sensitive equipment of the plant in case of a main failure.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water.

Due to its implantation near the sea, the generator was designed and equiped for operating under extreme weather conditions, like high temperatures, high level of humidity and high dust levels.

The generator has filters at the air inlets applied in a separate room for easy maintenance and water separator for filtering the diesel supplied. It also has a separate control division, in which there are installed the power and control panels, with air condition to keep the temperature at the desired operating level.

The cooling system is also installed in a separate division of the container, due to the high level of dust that exists in the air flow.

Also a highlight is the generator operation is completely automatic. Due to the equipment’s importance to this reverse osmosis plant in Qatar, this genset starts-up automatically and feeds the essential equipment in less than 10 seconds.

This projects is a good example of our special projects capacity. Grupel carries out special projects and customized solutions. We offer a global service, from initial design, to manufacture, turnkey installation and finally, commissioning and monitoring and we work with dedicated software for assembling projects, including construction and electrical projects at all levels.

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