A different Christmas video, because the cause deserves it!

A different Christmas video, because the cause deserves it!

On the 12th of October, at one of the many planning meetings we hold in Grupel’s Marketing Department, we addressed the issue of the 2017 Christmas Video and what could be done differently this year.

Here Mariana (from Marketing Department) says:

“a couple of days ago, coming by car with Analisa (from Financial department) she had a fantastic idea for this year’s video”

“Oh really?! We questioned. “So, call her and let’s listen”.

Analisa entered the meeting and talked about the summer fires in Pedrogão and surroundings, that we should do something about it, she even gave an idea for the script along with Mariana.

“Perfect”, we all found. Let’s get to work, pick up on this idea, line up all the aspects and move on.

We were far from imagining that after 3 days (YES, 3 DAYS !!!) we would "suffer in the flesh" the tragedy of the fires of October 15. It was and continues to be hard, to see everything black around us, but now, more than ever, it makes sense to base our Christmas deed on it and .... well, the rest is in the video.

It was one of the best ideas we have ever had in Grupel, everyone wanted to contribute, we went to the field and here’s the result.

This Christmas, all together, we have made a difference, because only this way can we take our ENERGY everywhere.

We leave the challenge to all companies, do the same, there is room for everyone in this cause, lets #ReflorestarPortugal

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