Grupel gensets applications in the construction sector

Grupel gensets applications in the construction sector

Grupel develops energy solutions for different activity sectors, and since our gensets can be customized they can adapt to the needs of the client and respond to different types of environments and installations.

Between the different applications of Grupel gensets, we highlight the construction sector in which Grupel presents various solutions that meet the power needs that occasionally exist in projects/works.

For this sector type, we highlight the smart range (7-30kVA) because it is suitable for applications of low power, and industrial range (40-1250kVA) that is perfect for applications of higher power, usually used in projects of great dimension.

The industrial range is a range of high power which makes it suitable for projects/works of different areas and applications (industrial, large buildings, hotels) to provide emergency power, while the smart range for being of low/medium power becomes the perfect generator to provide power in a work set because it allows a continuous functioning of a diesel generator and connect several work tools or other types of electric devices. However, both options can be soundproof, reducing the noise and providing protection to the generator itself against atmospheric elements, since in the construction sites there is always dust and material sediments, what makes the soundproof option the best one to ensure the durability of the generator. These options are robust, and both contain the eyebolt when asked, so that the transportation, movement, and positioning of the generator in worksite easier.

Another option is the portable range generators of gasoline (3-8kw) that can be equipment’s to support the work and provide temporary energy to equipment’s that consume electric power. This type of generator works in low power and its use for simple work tools for bricolage or professional work tools that are necessary for works that don’t have connections to the grid, and thanks to its easy mobility it allows the user to transport the generator easily using the handles and wheels that are adapted to it. Referring to the noise, all versions of the portable range are soundproof, which smooth any type of noise that comes from the portable generator.

Some construction activities, like the cut, elevation, and perforation depend strongly on power to function. The quick industrialization and expansion in the construction sector lead construction professionals to choose portable generators to ensure the energy on construction site.

In this specific sector, it is applications to have a reliable source of energy in a way that the work can be permanent, and use a generator as a support equipment in the site of the project/work where there is a reduced access to the grid or inconstant power, and with these three options of Grupel generators, smart, industrial and portable range the power will be constant and reliable.

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