Advantages of a Diesel Generator

Advantages diesel generator

Advantages of a Diesel Generator

A diesel generator is recommended for use in situations where the power supply is continuous, that is, in cases where systems must operate uninterruptedly. Hence these generators are widely used in events, hypermarkets, construction, hospitals, and in many other contexts where energy is indispensable.

Diesel is a fuel derived from petroleum, which is obtained by distilling it at elevated temperatures, between 250°C and about 350°C. Besides being used in generators, it is also used in automobiles, machinery, trucks, boats, etc. It is a fuel that has the advantage, among others, of granting high performance to the equipment that uses it.

If you want to buy an energy generator it is important that you first define the purpose of its use to determine the power required. On the other hand, when buying, or even before, should reflect on what type of fuel you want to use and whether you will use it continuously or not. In this way, you will understand which solution will be most convenient for you. For example, if you want to use it without interruption, it is certain that diesel generators are the best solution suited to your needs.

Know some of the Advantages of a Diesel Generator:

  • When compared to the gasoline generator, the diesel generator stands out as being more powerful and more economical to maintain because gasoline is a more expensive type of fuel than diesel;
  • The engine of a diesel generator has lower consumption, contributing to greater efficiency, which is extremely important since it will work continuously. And has greater durability;
  • They are equipment that presents greater resistance and is also more powerful;
  • As they are used for longer periods of time they become more profitable than gasoline generators;
  • For maintenance and lubrication of the equipment engine, it is also more accessible because it has no carburetor or spark plugs. On the other hand, gasoline generators tend to wear out and break down more easily because it produces more heat;
  • The life cycle has a longer compared to the gasoline generator.

A diesel generator, as discussed above, has a longer life cycle compared to gasoline engines. However, proper maintenance and operation is essential for correct operation, without forgetting to carry out all the scheduled inspections.

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