What means to be partner or distributor of Grupel?

What means to be partner or distributor of Grupel?

Grupel besides being the national leader on the gensets market and present more than 60 countries, is also highlighted for its quality, not only of the products but also, of its external relationships with clients, partners, and distributors that focused on their satisfaction.

For being present in several countries where there aren’t Grupel direct sales, the sale is held by distributors, with whom we try to establish a trustful and close relation since they are our partners and represent us in their countries.

In order to keep our partners informed about our products and other information’s related to it like the service, maintenance, and after-sale we do frequent contacts and visits. With a view to inform our distributors in not only a theoretical way but also practical, we created Grupel Academy training, a technical-commercial training specialized and directed not only to Grupel employees but also to external partners, so that they can learn about our products and components.

In a way to show our support to the distributor market, Grupel tries to be present in events related to the sector in their respective countries, give support in marketing strategies not just for events but to their markets as well.

The distributors have helped in Grupel expansion, growth and credibility, brand and company awareness and reputation enhancement. Most of these values are due to our high-quality partners, their commitment, good work and strategies established by both sides.

Advantages of becoming a Grupel Official Distributor:

  • Grupel helps you sell more
  • We support you every step of the way
  • We provide continuous expert training and continuous certification
  • You can count on extensive marketing support from a strong global brand
  • Exclusive local dealership agreements

Our partner’s satisfaction has been very positive because they feel integrated and supported by Grupel, and as you can see above, we have three testimonies from our distributors from Egypt, Pakistan, and Angola that share their experience not only in these sectors but also as Grupel partners.


Together we will grow even more and spread Grupel's Energy.

Become a Grupel Distributor

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