Engineering solutions applied to power generation

Engineering solutions applied to power generation

Grupel has become in recent years, an international reference manufacturer in engineering solutions applied to the generation of energy and under the most diverse environmental requirements.

The commitment to this strategic sector, which began in 2010 with the acquisition of the company Cymasa specializing in this type of applications, progressively increased with the development of new applications and solutions, supported by a consolidated engineering team and the construction of a modern production center in Aveiro (Portugal), which concentrated the various production centers, previously scattered throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

This new strategy has allowed the company to improve its productivity and to position itself at the forefront of the sector, with capacity to manufacture any type of generator, under the highest standards of quality and rigor.

The business set-up and the acquired know-how currently provide two of the company's main assets and guide Grupel in the continuous pursuit of excellence and new solutions that meet the needs of its customers.

The company's history has been developed in parallel with the international expansion of the largest energy companies, therefore Grupel is now part of the list of qualified suppliers to carry out technically and more demanding projects and in the most adverse weather conditions.

Grupel is synonymous with reliability, leading the company to develop new customized solutions for each project, always under the highest standards of rigor and quality, giving priority to functionality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

An example of one of these solutions was the recent implementation of an emergency generator to supply and support a desalination plant with a treatment capacity of about 164,000 m3 of water per day, in order to provide drinking water to 1 million people. This plant is located in a desert environment with a very high level of salinity, since it is located 10 kilometers south of Doha, in Qatar.

The generator was designed to withstand extreme temperatures of around 50 degrees Celsius during the day, with sudden changes of temperature at night that, together with the humid environment of the installation site, causes the condensation of harmful salt in the ferrous materials of the generator. These special circumstances required the application of a special surface treatment to combat such environmental conditions.

Another important factor taken into account was the sandy atmosphere and the dust in suspension in the area where the generator was installed. For this project, it was chosen a remote equipment cooling system in which the hot air of the engine and alternator does not circulate through the radiator, in order to avoid a higher temperature than the external environment.

The selected radiator has a cooling capacity of 55 degrees and is tropicalized to combat the typical elements of this type of aggressive atmosphere. The silent intake and exhaust air distribution have been modified to avoid direct ingress of sand and the air filters are of the Heavy Duty type recommended by the motor manufacturer to combat sandy dust which has very high abrasive characteristics when it comes into contact With the generator components.

The finishing treatment of the exterior painting was done following a custom and suitable procedure for this type of aggressive environments. In addition to these conditions, Grupel kept all the elements inside the container, which was modified and reinforced to support all components, reducing logistics costs and facilitating the transportation and assembly of the project.

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