Main extras in a Standard Genset

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Main extras in a Standard Genset

The extras in a standard genset are something very usual because one of the features that most distinguishes Grupel is the capacity to adapt its products to each case, application or purpose.

With the variety of extras in a standard genset that we have available, the generators manufactured by Grupel can be customized, improved and changed according to the customer’s needs.

The genset has as purpose to fulfill the energy demand, and it can be used as the main source or an auxiliary source and thanks to that, the requests of extras are variable, because the customer demand is also variable.

In the standard genset, the most applications extras are:

-Pre-heating resistance

This component has the function to warm and maintain the water in the ideal temperature providing the cooling liquid circulation in the engine, which makes it necessary to apply in the emergency gensets or in environments with temperatures inferior to 10ºC.


  • Eases the engine start-up
  • Increases de acceptance of instant load
  • Rises the durability of the engine

-Switchboard grid-genset

As the name suggests, this component serves to do a switch between the main source (usually the grid) and the secondary source (genset), if the main source fails.


  • The energy is reconnected automatically
  • Possibility to be incorporated in its own genset

-Increase the fuel tank capacity

The gensets have a dairy tank incorporated that can differ according to the canopy that is used, but there is the possibility to increase its capacity.


  • More autonomy hours

-Retention Bund

This component is applicated in the genset base and its function is to retain the liquids that can spill from the equipment.


  • Avoids higher costs to build a bund in concrete
  • Eases the posterior collection of spilled liquids

-Sockets kit

We already have predefined the sockets that we are going to apply by knowing the amperage, however, is always possible to change it if the customer requests.


  • Direct and ease connection of equipment’s to the genset
  • Availability of several options of protected Amperage by the respective circuit breakers

-Lifting eye

In most cases of our canopy, this component is part of the manufacturing of the gensets, but in the versions where this doesn’t happen, it is possible to integrate this option.


  • Easy handling

These are some of the most used extras in a standard genset. Grupel is a manufacturer of gensets and it has at disposal every extra that can be necessary to produce a generator with a special request. This versatility and flexibility make it possible for our position and any type of application and market that we are in.

Therefore, we reunite all the conditions to face the most variable demands of our customers, having always in mind our number one rule at Grupel:


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