Precautions in the Generator Installation

Grupel generator installation

Precautions in the Generator Installation

Most of the gensets in Portugal, function in the emergency system, and for that, it is necessary to guarantee the good functioning of the generator installation and its precautions. For that we must guarantee:

  • A good fresh air intake:

For the genset to cool and for the combustion of the diesel engine, the installation location should contain an opening for the fresh air intake (cold) directly from the exterior

  • A good hot air outtake:

It is also very important that the hot air from the radiator to be channeled to the exterior so that the air temperature in the room temperature is always fresh to avoid the genset shutdown due to the lack of refrigeration (high temperatures).

  • Exhaust gases exit

The system of exhaust in the generator is designed to minimize the emissions of noise and to allow all the exhaust gases to come to the exterior. The exhaust gases are harmful to the human being, so it is very important to conduct all these gases to the exterior.

These issues should be calculated considering the power of the genset, which means that the fresh air intake, the hot air outtake, and the exhaust gases should be adapted to each case.

Examples of genset installations:

This is an image of a perfect installation, which has a good fresh air intake for being outside, exhaust gases exit by a pipeline to avoid returns of gases and with a roof to protect the genset.
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This is a bad example of installation because it does not have fresh air intake, no access or space for possible maintenance service or verify the genset.


Access for maintenance

For possible maintenance or equipment verifying it is very important the following points:

  • Accessibility (make it possible for the assistance car to be as near as possible of the genset so that in this way the transportation of materials is easy in order to save money to the client)
  • Allow distance to open the doors of the genset
  • Have access to the front door of the generator (radiator)
  • Have access to the back door of the genset (alternator)
  • Have a roof not only to protect the genset of the bad weather but also to ease the maintenance


For the installations, Grupel advises the following dimensions surrounding the generator:



Bruno Videira & Paulo Martins

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