Generators for the healthcare sector

Generators for healtcare sector

Generators for the healthcare sector

A network of healthcare and hospital infrastructure is essential to ensure the well-being and safety of people and communities, since it is in hospitals, clinics and wards that the treatment of diseases and trauma, the containment of infections and the prevention of illnesses are carried out.

Many of the processes that take place in these facilities, such as surgeries, medical examinations, and other practices, depend on electricity, so any failure, however brief, can put the safety of patients and the professionals who work there at risk.

The impact of unreliable power or even a momentary failure is disastrous in this sector, as the health, well-being, and ultimately the lives of people depend on it. Therefore, it is essential to ensure a safe power source that allows the normal function of hospital equipment and its infrastructures, either for short periods or for continuous operation, in case of a more serious and lasting failure.

Many are the solutions that Grupel has developed over the years for this type of applications, adapting them to the specific requirements of each project and taking into account the operating conditions of each hospital or clinic.

As a rule, these generators have the following characteristics:

  • They can operate on an emergency basis, operating in case of a mains power failure, but also on a continuous basis
  • The engines and alternators used should be efficient and of the best possible quality
  • The engine is normally electronically regulated, since it is essential to guarantee optimum voltage and frequency conditions in the event of faults and breakdowns
  • They must guarantee an automatic starting mode, by means of a controller and an automatic transfer switch, in order to avoid human intervention for the start-up, saving time and avoiding damages
  • They can have various powers, depending on the energy consumption of the installation
  • Periodic maintenance is crucial to guarantee a long life and the correct operation of the equipment

We offer three types of solutions for the healthcare sector:

  • Emergency generators

Emergency generators are designed to operate when there is a power failure in the utility power. When there is a cut or break, this equipment comes into action, taking on the load and powering the equipment of the facility. In hospitals, it is important to secure this backup system so that there is a supply of electricity at all times.

  • Industrial range generators

For locations where the utility power is weak or for situations where the problem in the mains is longer lasting and difficult to solve, Grupel’s Industrial Range is ideal, since its generators are targeted for very rigorous installations, with highly automated processes and demanding machinery.

  • Portable Generators

For more specific applications (operating some tools and utensils) that do not require high power or long periods of use, the best option is our range of portable generators.

Grupel’s customized solutions are reliable and efficient in the support of the healthcare sector all over the world. Any of the presented solutions can make the difference in the operation of these infrastructures. The election of the ideal solution for a given project depends on the requirements and conditions of the installation.


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