Grupel Academy – Specialized Training

Grupel Academy – Specialized Training

With Grupel Academy, Grupel ensures that the team is a technical specialist and that guarantees a high standard of engineering in the various sections of production, as well as the permanent technical assistance supported by an experienced team in the Genset production since 1976.

We differentiate for our production flexibility and ability to offer a global service (since the initial project, manufacturing, installation turnkey, commissioning and follow up) and through the years we became leaders in the diesel generators market produced in Portugal, with a share of production of more than 80% in the national market.

This growth is due not only to our enterprising vision but also to our human capital, that is the most valuable thing at Grupel. We value and stimulate the professional development and believe that people are our most important asset. In this sense, we consider being of enormous importance that our employees and partners be aligned with the development of our products and services.

Therefore, Grupel developed a technical-commercial training plan, Grupel Academy, with the purpose of meeting the needs regards to the knowledge and to be prepared about technical problems in a customized and adapted way too involve employees in the process of product development. With a policy of support to the brand and to our distributors, Grupel intends to extend this technical-commercial knowledge to our partners and brand representatives.

This training plan is distributed in 5 packs:

  • Sales;
  • Basic;
  • Medium;
  • Commissioning;
  • Specialist.

In this way, Grupel intends to add value to the development process of the product, creating technical skills and conducts to our internal employees, distributors and business partners.

We believe that with this path we are going in the right direction to grow in a sustainable way, creating procedures, attitude and thorough conducts, demanding preparation and acquisition of skills by human resources involved.

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