Grupel after sales service always on the front line

Grupel after sales service always on the front line

Grupel's after sales services were designed to accompany our clients in all stages and ensure that your generator is always protected and in full operation.

To prove the reliability and effectiveness of our services, we present you today a case that, because of our swift actions, allowed us to quickly resolve a critical impact on a Genset. It also allowed our customer to take full advantage of their acquisition.

This client, a known international manufacturer of tires, leader in sales, acquired a Grupel generator with 90 kVA, with characteristics suitable to their needs. Shortly after the start of use they identified a problem that was linked to its configuration: it was meant to be used outdoors but it was prepared for indoor environments.

Thus, our after-sales team quickly went into action, developing a genset configuration plan to use the same genset but in an external environment.

The plan started with the safe disassembly of the genset at the customer premises and subsequent transport to Grupel's production unit in Vagos, Aveiro (Portugal).

In our production unit, the set was modified: first the roof of the enclosure was replaced, then we added an air grid on the side of  the cabin and finally we applied an anti corrosion treatment to the baseframe.

After the intervention, quickly made to lessen the impact of the inability of use by the customer, the set was assembled and tested in our facilities. Then it was transported to the customer premises where it was assembled and subjected to tests to attest its proper operation.

This process was also documented by our team so you can check the before and after procedure and assess our after sales services capability.



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