2ª Conference with Spain Agents of Grupel

2ª Conference with Spain Agents of Grupel

This 2ª Conference with Grupel Agents from Spain happened during 14 and 15 of May and the main goal was to present results of the year 2017 and its reflections, strategies for the year 2018 and technical-commercial training Grupel Academy to update the products and components knowledge in a theoretical and practical level.

In this conference, the present Agents were from the regions of Andalusia, Extremadura, Aragon, Catalonia, Galicia and Valencian Community what allowed us to understand the needs of each region and each Agent, difficulties, improvements and initiatives to take in each area.

Some of these Agents had not visited Grupel’s facilities or been with colleagues from Spain or Portugal recently to have an exchange of ideas and conversation about its market, what can result in mutual help and creation of new ideas and suggestions to the market, Spanish or Portuguese and for this reason, it was very important to have this interaction between Agents and Grupel employees. In respect of the facilities visit, which is considered very important, because it helps create a proximity Grupel-Agents, to meet Grupel’s team and its culture so that the Agents feel integrated and part of Grupel’s growth and development.

Grupel presence in the Spanish market is becoming even more relevant, therefore this event with the Agents was a meeting to create perspectives to this market in a way to raise new regions, partnerships, and new channels.

There is another important point that was addressed in this conference and it was the MATELEC fair that is going to happen in Madrid during 13-16 of November of 2018 and that consists in an international trade fair for the electrical and electronics industry in which Grupel is going to be present because this is an opportunity to consolidate the market and open new business opportunities.

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