Grupel in the International Fair of 2018 in Benguela

Grupel in the International Fair of 2018 in Benguela

FIB, International Fair of Benguela, happened during the days of 16 and 20 of May in the stadium OMBAKA in Benguela.

The Fair additionally celebrated the 401 years of the city Benguela, which is usually a historic mark and that reflects the business evolution and development and the socioeconomic in the south part of Angola.

The FIB is the “biggest stock business in the country south” and it is inseparable to speak of economic growth and business evolution without mention the FIB contribute that it has given to Angola with its dynamic and participation of every active member of society, its sustainable development in the sectors of southern Angola, mainly in the provinces of Benguela, Lobito, Namibe, Lubango e Huambo.

FIB 2018

Grupel and Nova Sotecma participated once more, giving continuity this strategy of showing off to the country that Nova Sotecma is always present and this fair is a perfect occasion to consolidate contacts with clients and present our products.

This year the FIB had fewer stands then the last edition and as a consequence, it attracted fewer visitors, a result of the innumerous activities and festivities that are taking place in the Benguela city, because of its 401 years celebration, however, we had the visit of the Province Gubernator of Benguela, Mr. Rui Falcão.

FIB 2018

Our presence gives us great results, we were visited by innumerous visitors that can lead to a potential business and were nominated for two categories awards.

We would like to thank our visitors, that allowed us to succeed in fair and without them, we couldn’t achieve our goals.

Best regards,

Pedro Sendão

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