Grupel generators are preferred choice in military applications

Diesel Generators for military use
Diesel Generators for military use

Grupel generators are preferred choice in military applications

It is with great satisfaction that we are witnessing the consecration on the market of Grupel generators as a primary choice in the production and supply of energy solutions for international reference organizations.

An example of this is the choice of the internationally recognized NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which has for several times chosen Grupel for its projects, as we are also accredited by NATO for the supply of diesel generators destined to be implemented in several parts of the world.

Grupel is proud to produce diesel power generators approved by the highest quality and performance parameters that meet the most rigorous technical specifications of recognized international organizations, such as Nato. Among the portfolio of projects developed for this organization, we highlight the work carried out in the field of power stations and mobile military power generators.

Among Grupel's extensive portfolio of projects developed for military applications, we highlight the implementation of a two-generator system and independent timing system for a field hospital. The soundproof generators are 225kVA each and operate in emergency mode with a power transfer system of 400A each.

Also worthy of note is the supply and installation of a mobile generator set in a soundproofed air-transferable container with 600kVA of power working on synchronous operation mode, in parallel.

As far as mobile military power diesel generators are concerned, we highlight the supply of generators of different powers, between 15 and 100kVA for emergency and continuous operation in all-terrain chassis, with a single axis and homologation for on-road use.

Grupel is thus the ideal partner in supplying energy solutions to international organizations that demand the best product, capable of operating under the most adverse conditions and on any terrain.

Get to know Grupel's extensive project portfolio through our projects section in our website:

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