Applications in Portugal of Grupel Gensets – Aveiro district

Applications in Portugal of Grupel Gensets – Aveiro district

For being national leaders and for working with the best companies, we have decided to do an inventory of every application of gensets and environment of its installation in the national territory with the purpose of creating a portfolio of Portugal, and for that, we decided to visit locations where our generators are present and do this image collection.

Firstly, we started to contact the companies in Aveiro to collect the proper authorizations and availability, so that we can go and visit the facilities in a safe and accompanied way.

When we received the authorizations for the visits and to collect images, we conducted the visits to the facilities of the companies located in Aveiro district. Through these visits, we verified the multiplicity of the sectors where our gensets are applied and used, for example in the industry, restaurants, corporate associations, among others. We highlight the diversity of the gensets installations because each installation is adapted to the air inlet and outlet and extraction of gases from the exhaust of each location.

We started our visits to the region of Vagos, as a way to test not only the images and videos but also the client’s perspective, and through our visits, they seemed very open and give a very positive feedback not only to our services and products but to the relation they have with the brand Grupel.

In this first collection we visit the following companies:

Smart Range 7-30kVA


Soon we will visit other districts until we can achieve the entire national territory and different types of applications and installations of our gensets so that we can create a very complete portfolio.

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