Grupel + Grupel, innovation and focus on the customer go hand in hand

Grupel + Grupel, innovation and focus on the customer go hand in hand

Two of the greatest pillars of our brand are, of course, the focus on the customer and the constant search for innovation – making our product distinct so that it can compete in a large and strong market.

For a long time, we have been trying to encourage a technology that, being competitive in cost, also guarantees the high quality of our product. This is the case of our engines, alternators, controllers, and other components, which are manufactured according to strict standards and with the goal of satisfying our customers.

Therefore, one of Grupel's biggest ambitions for 2020 is boosting the equipment we have been promoting for a long time - the Grupel + Grupel products, generator sets composed of our brand’s own elements.

The Grupel + Grupel generators are customizable, being adjustable to the needs of the customers, and have simple and robust technology, suitable for the most diverse applications, from use in housing to telecommunications, through agriculture, industry, and construction, among others.

In addition, they have great advantages over competitors:

  • They are monetarily competitive and have a 2-year warranty (or 2,000 hours), which are relevant factors for the customer when choosing.
  • They have a CE seal, which recognizes compliance with the norms for production and quality in the European Economic Area.
  • Its parts are in stock which can lead to more flexible delivery schedules.

Additionally, after training, distributors of Grupel + Grupel products become official Grupel technicians and exclusive sellers of our parts in their countries.

For Grupel, the investment in its own components is very important, since, without detracting from the quality of our generators, this can bring more benefits to the customer and, thus, guarantee their satisfaction.




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