Grupel solutions for the agricultural sector

Grupel Solutions for Agriculture

Grupel solutions for the agricultural sector

Over the years, Grupel has been creating and developing quality solutions for the agricultural sector, with equipment that is capable of truly supporting producers and their needs at every stage.

This sector depends on energy in all its phases, from planting to harvesting, through the feeding and treatment of livestock. Given the conditions it presents today and being an area that is increasingly automated and dependent on machinery, it cannot suffer power failures or from being energized by an unstable or insufficient source.

Any type of energy failure, however short, can jeopardize the survival of plantations and the resistance of animal production. A weak source of energy can mean the ineffectiveness of various processes, such as irrigation, treatment and maintenance of the fields and of the animals’ conditions.

In this sector, on which so many others depend, the impact of unreliable energy is disastrous. For this reason, a safe source of energy is essential to enable the normal course of activities and to avoid losses.

There are three types of solutions that we provide for this sector:

  • Emergency generators

Standby generators are used to be the main source of energy, in the event of a network failure. In places of agricultural production where energy is greatly needed, it is not recommended that there are cuts/failures or that the existing energy is insufficient. Standby generators are ideal and reliable solutions for this, because they keep the equipment working by taking up the load previously supported by the grid, in the event of a network failure.

  • Industrial range generators

For locations where there is no electrical network or where it is scarce, Grupel’s Industrial range is the solution. Its generators are specially aimed at very demanding, more industrialized installations, where there is heavy machinery and highly automated processes. This range is designed to operate as a primary power source.

  • Portable generators

On the other hand, for operating tools and utensils that do not require great power or long periods of use and for when it is necessary to move the power source, the best option is our range of portable generators, whose models are easy to handle.

The choice between these types of generators must be made according to the consumption needs and the equipment to be connected. You should also take into account the weather and terrain conditions of the installation. It is usual for generators operating in this sector to have to do so in open spaces, in damp areas and, often, exposed to dirt and dust.

Any of the solutions presented is a reliable energy source that can make a difference, guaranteeing trouble-free and uninterrupted operation at any stage of production.

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