Grupel solutions for the construction sector

Generators for construction

Grupel solutions for the construction sector

Grupel generators can be customized in order to adapt to the needs of our customers and to respond to the different environments and applications they may serve. Therefore, over time we have been developing solutions for different sectors of activity, such as the construction sector.

Given the conditions that it presents today and being an increasingly automated and machinery-dependent area, this sector cannot suffer from power failures or be supplied for by an unstable or insufficient energy source.

Any power failure, however short, can jeopardize the processes and compromise the work. For this reason, it is essential to have a safe energy source that allows the normal course of activities, avoiding production losses and other damages.

There are three types of solutions we provide for the construction sector:

Smart Range (7-30kVA)

Suitable for lower power applications, the generators in this range are reliable solutions for smaller jobs, whose energy demand is not as challenging, and are able to maintain the functioning of cutting, lifting and drilling tools, for example.

Industrial Range (40-1250kVA)

It is a range suitable for supplying standby power to large projects and works in industries, urbanism and tourism, for example. These generators are robust options, aimed especially at very demanding, more industrialized installations, where heavy machinery and highly automated processes exist.

Portable Range (2-7kVA)

The generators in this range can support equipment, for temporary power supply. This type of generator works at low power and applies to the use of simple DIY tools or more complex professional tools needed for smaller construction jobs. Thanks to its easy handling and moving, it allows the user to take the generator wherever they want, with great ease.

Any of the solutions presented is a reliable energy source that can make a difference, guaranteeing trouble-free and uninterrupted operation.

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