Grupel solutions for telecommunications

Grupel solutions for telecommunications

The telecommunications sector is made up of huge transmission equipment, such as towers, antennas, and a large technological infrastructure, whose energy consumption is remarkably high.

Therefore, this market has very demanding needs. The generators that operate to assist this sector must be adapted to difficult conditions, often having to operate in a continuous regime (24/7), for years. The costs are very high, if you take into account operation, maintenance and fuel.

Reliability is an important factor in ensuring the success of these products, which guarantee services used by millions of people.

Over the years, Grupel has been able to create reliable solutions, by adapting its products to the needs of real customers, in Portugal and in the rest of the world.

Thus, it was possible to understand which features are most valued and which best serve the activities of this sector, designing and equipping Grupel's telecommunications generators in a way that they would be able to respond to market requirements:

  • They are equipped with a tank with great autonomy;
  • They have a front or side opening, to facilitate the maintenance of equipment, and grilles for air inlet and outlet;
  • They have an integrated ATS, as an optimized solution;
  • They have pre-filters to guarantee the quality of the fuel;
  • As an extra, there is a kit for supervision and remote communication of the generator by GSM and Ethernet that also allows its location via GPS;
  • It is also possible to incorporate an anti-theft system for installations in remote locations
  • They include a tropicalized radiator, suitable for climates where there is a wide temperature range.

Among Grupel's most recent telecommunications projects, there are countless groups that guarantee the supply of telecommunications towers and, therefore, of many services, worldwide.

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