New features of Grupel canopies

New features in Grupel’s soundproof cabin

New features of Grupel canopies

In the constant search for the improvement of Grupel's canopies, we developed a new design work that changed the concepts of construction and assembly, in order to make them competitive.

In this new construction concept, the use of welding has been decreased to a minimum, which reduces manufacturing time and increases corrosion resistance, since the protective layer of the sheet is not burned. This type of construction is applied both to the canopy, the chassis and the electrical panel.

The canopy is assembled exclusively by clamping, in a configuration similar to the one of a roof, where the parts overlap, which makes it more resistant to water ingress.

This new canopy version is much more flexible, in the sense that all parts of the group can be assembled individually, without depending on each other. For example, it is now possible to build electrical panels independently, since there is no need to wait for the canopy to be assembled, as was previously the case. This flexibility also allows for a canopy to be put together in a previously open group.

The standard chassis are now composed of a holding tank, preventing spills of fluids to the ground, and a removable tank, which will facilitate eventual replacements. The new chassis are also equipped with supports for the engine and alternator crossbars, which are now mobile, in order to achieve the greatest number of combinations.

Every day we try to improve our canopies, in order to achieve a product of excellence and high quality, either in the final product, or in the manufacturing process.

Luís Oliveira

Industrial Designer

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