Grupel’s commercial director visits Bangladesh

Grupel’s commercial director visits Bangladesh

It was with a very warm welcome that our commercial director Mr. Pedro Quelhas, was received at SSG, in Bangladesh.

SSG - Super Star Group, is one of the largest companies in Bangladesh and is also Grupel's exclusive distributor in its country.

The company has more than 20 years in the market and the brand has become associated with modern lifestyle electrical household products and lighting solutions. The company also sells electrical accessories, renewable energy solutions and power generators. The partnership with Grupel arises in the context of SSG role in the generator market, thus offering quality generators at competitive prices to the Asian market.

This partnership, which makes us very proud, was reinforced with the presence of Mr. Pedro Quelhas in the premises of SSG and with the assignment of the Certificate of Exclusive Distributor to the executive members of the company.

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