Grupel’s energy empowers Sporting CP / Tavira cycling team

Grupel's energy empowers the cycling team Sporting CP / Tavira
Energia Grupel reforça a equipa Sporting CP/Tavira
Energia Grupel reforça a equipa Sporting CP/Tavira
Energia Grupel reforça a equipa Sporting CP/Tavira

Grupel’s energy empowers Sporting CP / Tavira cycling team

In keeping with Grupel's versatility and dynamics, and within the framework of the recently signed sponsoring partnership, we are pleased to announce the successfull installation of a stand-by-power diesel generator to support the Sporting CP / Tavira cycling team competing in A Volta a Portugal 2017, Portugal's most relevant cycling competition.

Grupel carries out customized projects and solutions and offers a global service, from initial design, manufacturing, turnkey installation and finally, commissioning and monitoring.
We work with dedicated software for assembly projects, including mechanical and electrical designs at all levels.

The diesel generator developed for Sporting CP / Tavira team will provide the energy necessary to equipments needed by the athletes throughout the demanding and iconic cycling competition, in this record time and tailor made solution.

With 10 kVA of power, the equipment was installed in the luggage compartment of the bus, according to technical specification of our engineering department. Once again, Grupel's team accepted the mission of developing a technical enhanced solution capable of meeting the needs of both the installation site and of its end users.

Thus, the single-phase generator was built in a sound-proof canopy and was equipped with:

  • Mitsubishi engine model S3L2-61SD-NP2
  • Stamford Alternator Model PI044G
  • Grupel Controller

Note that the soundproofed enclosure (canopy) used in this generator was developed exclusively for this project. In addition, a special sliding support was applied to both sides of the generator adapted to the bus that allows the external use of the diesel generator, ensuring safety and usability.

Grupel S.A. is one of the official sponsors of the Sporting FC / Tavira cycling team, a synergy between one of the biggest clubs in Portugal and the oldest professional cycling team in the world, in uninterrupted activity - Tavira Cycling Club. 



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