Grupel’s quality control process

Grupel’s quality control process

Grupel's quality control process is conducted in scope of the "Quality Management System" according to the ISO NP EN 9001:2008 standard of the Portuguese Quality Institute, which is based on eight guiding principles:

    • Customer Focus
    • Leadership
    • People involvement
    • Process approach
    • Management approach through a System (SGQ)
    • Continuous improvement
    • Approach to evidence-based decision-making
    • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

The quality control of the manufacturing process and products in Grupel is guaranteed by the Quality department and aims to assure the delivery to the end customer of a premium and free of defects product.

Upon completion of the generator tests and operational tests, the product is the subject to a thorough verification by the Quality Department. This verification is carried out by means of a verification form which sets out the criteria for acceptance of conformity of the product. Only after the validation of all product control points is a Grupel Generator awarded with the approved product seal.

In case of any nonconformity, it is immediately reported to the production manager and the product returns to the production line to be repaired.

When the verification form is completed without any problem, a seal bearing the words "quality approved product" is affixed to the product.

In addition to this verification, a kit with the following elements is also included in the quality assurance process:

  • Alternator manual
  • Engine Manual
  • Manual and Grupel layout
  • Generator Keys

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