New features in Grupel’s soundproof cabin

New features in Grupel’s soundproof cabin

New features in Grupel’s soundproof cabin

In the continuous improvement in Grupel’s soundproof cabin, we developed a design that changed the concept of manufacturing and assembling in order to upgrade the product and to make it even more competitive.

We started by the model 2300 of Grupel’s soundproof cabin, and soon this design will be in the other models so that we can increase the quality of our products and meet with the customer's demand.

In this new concept, we reduced the welding usage which diminished the manufacturing time and enhances the resistance to corrosion, since we do not burn the protective layer of the sheet. This type of manufacturing is used in the soundproof cabin but also in the chassis and electric switchboard.

The soundproof cabin assembling is totally tightening in a configuration similar to a roof, in which all the parts overlap (the ceiling overlaps the lateral panels, and, in this case, they overlap the chassis) making it more resistance to water entrance. This new version of the soundproof cabin is much more flexible which means that every part of the group can be installed individually without depending on each other. For example, it is now possible to manufacture the electrical switchboard independently, because it is not necessary to wait for the assembling of the cabin like it was used to. This flexibility gives the possibility to add easily to open genset a soundproof cabin.

The standard chassis is now composed by a retention bund which avoids fluids spillage to the soil and a removable tank that eases future replacements. Another feature in the new chassis is the support of the platters in the engine and alternator that are now mobile so that we can get a higher number of combinations.

Every day we do improvements to our cabins, directly in the final product or in the manufacturing process in order to achieve an excellent product with high quality.


Luís Oliveira
Industrial Designer

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