Grupel’s Special Project for the Spanish Army

Grupel's Special Project for the Spanish Army

Grupel’s Special Project for the Spanish Army

At Grupel, we work tirelessly to make our products more and more versatile and capable of serving the greatest possible number of applications and people.

We do it, regardless of the complexity of the requirements and needs of our customers, because this is the only way we can evolve, improve, and make our brand a reference in quality and efficiency.

That is why we welcome any challenge like the one proposed by the Spanish Army with open arms: a special itinerant project to support military bases around the world.

The project consists of seven 600kVA diesel generators with VOLVO engine (PENTA TAD 1642 GE) and LEROY SOMER alternator (LSA47.2L9 C6 / 4), each installed in a 20 ’’ container.

  • Generators are prepared to be airborne, given the nomadic nature of the project
  • They were designed to operate in parallel or island mode and for automatic start in case of grid failure
  • All are high-performance, highly customizable, robust and soundproofed
  • They are equipped with electrical panels with CETAC sockets to facilitate the connection and disconnection of loads

By meeting these complex and rigorous requirements, we are creating Energy that is increasingly more multifaceted and reliable.


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