Relevant presence of Grupel in the MEE 2018

Middle East Electricity 2018
Grupel na MEE 2018

Relevant presence of Grupel in the MEE 2018

Grupel is a leader company that is dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of gensets in Portugal and that was awarded by the Portuguese people with the Five Star 2018 award. Once again, Grupel attended the prestigious fair Middle East Electricity (MEE 2018), that took place between March 6 and 8 in Dubai.

MEE 2018 is an outstanding event of international recognition in the power industry, dedicated to products in this sector like production, transmission and distribution and in this edition, it was added the energy storage and management solutions.

With this, Grupel’s expectations were high, because this is a fair very well-organized and that unites the best companies in the world of this sector in the same place, thus attracts quality visitants and with interests in negotiating and that allows us to gather and meet potentials interested parties in the brand and products.

By the fact that this is an event of major importance to Grupel, it required hard work and commitment in the preceding months to prepare the event and capitalize the investment. That preparation put us on track to meet our stated goals, as well as increase the distributor network in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, generate new projects, interest and visibility with potential partners, distributors and customers.

Grupels exhibition on the fair was highlighted by its construction with bright and energetic colors, whoever passed through was not indifferent, and to prove that success on the event, we had a voting system to evaluate the customers satisfaction about the brand, and it had very positive results, since the index satisfaction was around 90% and with this, it was possible to measure the event success and that Grupel marked the difference.

For the first time Grupel presented a product with all the components Grupel, as well as the generator which application is specific to telecommunications and that differentiates from competitors because of its control panel, motor access, alternator and lateral access that facilitates the maintenance when necessary.

Related to this event, João Pintado, Marketing Director of Grupel highlights that MEE 2018 was:

The result of hard work by the team Grupel and the outcome is very positive, specially because we signed an important distribution agreement with a company from Dubai and noticed that this year our brand was spoken more than ever. We achieved our goals, we got there, generated interest and establish contacts, and this happens because our energy is also a differentiating element, we are a company that breaths energy in everything and that dictated our presence in this event.

Now that the fair is over, is time to think, analyse and continue with the good work that was done in the MEE 2018. Since it was a success over the several editions, Grupel already aims to be present on the next edition in 2019 and consolidate its position as a world leader in the sectors of power generation.

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