Portable Generators, Flexible Range, Resistant and Practical

Portable Generator Grupel

Portable Generators, Flexible Range, Resistant and Practical

Recently we added to our portfolio of products a new portable generator Grupel (3000rpm), the gasoline portable generator of 8kW Single Phase & Three Phase.

This new portable generator provides the possibility to function under two options (single-phase and three-phase) in just one equipment, this version has better finishes, it is more robust and has an alternator of higher quality.

Just like in the other models, it is necessary to have certain cares as: before turning the generator on, ensure that it has oil or in the case of the first usage it is necessary to pour 1L of oil through a manual pump or funnel and pour fuel in the deposit (up to 25L), observing fuel level on the fuel indicator.

The wheels and handles continue to be part of the generator characteristics. In this new version, it also has a voltmeter and a digital hour counter that helps in the monitoring and maintenance, because with this information it is possible to see if the generator is in perfect conditions. In addition to these characteristics, the single-phase socket now it is of 16A, giving the chance of other applications to the user.

Regarding to the generator start-up, this can be done manual or electrically, there is also the possibility of the equipment connected to the main grid so that when there is a failure in the mains the generator will perform an automatic start-up when using the load transfer switch to maintain the energy in the available equipment’s (this component is optional that must be required by the client).

These generators have high efficiency and excellent characteristics that make these equipment’s ideal for different applications and environments, and for this reason, it can be used by professionals and private users. This new generator is ideal to support home basic devices, suitable to residential/leisure or industrial applications with higher capacity of electric load, for example, constriction sector and industry.


  • Maintain the battery loaded and ready to function, it must be connected to the mains or to the load transfer switch to avoid any type of malfunction;
  • Activate the airlock to start-up the generator (mode without the load transfer switch);
  • Every month start the generator;
  • Avoid leaving fuel in the tank if the generator is not used daily;
  • Always check, before using the oil level.

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