Portable Generators Market – Launch of a new product Grupel

Portable Generators Market – Launch of a new product Grupel

It is estimated that the portable generators market will reach 6 billion US$ by 2023  and present an annual growth rate of approximately 7%, according to the data from Research and Markets.

Portable Generators are backup devices, developed to provide temporary energy to the equipment of electric energy consumption. The portable generators models of low power bear some household basic devices, while the high-power models can provide energy for the entire household. Beyond the residential sector, the portable generators also have application in sectors like construction and industry due to its low-cost installation and easy handling.

Main features and impact of this product in this market:

  • Growing need for systems of energy supply;
  • Demand growth of economic portable generators;
  • Growing demand for natural fuel sources;
  • Limited period of energy supply;
  • Lifestyle changes.

Features of the portable generators market:

  • Fast modernization in developed countries;
  • A capacity of production of limited energy;
  • Human mobility growth and new lifestyles.

In this way and according to several requests to Grupel, it is now possible to buy portable generators of brand Grupel. These generators are ideal to supply energy in various activities, like household, bricolage, leisure, and support to electric tools of low power in the industrial sector, as well as support in the daily agricultural activities.

The Grupel Portable Generators characterize for being compact, resistant to high intensities of work, easy handling, high performance and excellent features, what makes this product ideal for several work environments. These are generators that can be used by professionals or private individuals.

Competitive advantages of these generators:

  • 2 years of warranty ✔
  • Differential Circuit Breaker✔
  • Easy handling ✔
  • Manual or electric Start-up ✔
  • Single phase and Three-phase models ✔
  • Grupel approved quality ✔

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