Grupel Gensets applications in Spanish territory

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One of the characteristics that distinguishes Grupel more is the capacity to adapt to the needs of each customer. All Grupel gensets can be fully customizable, improved and changed according to the client’s needs, location or sector of applications.

In Spain, Grupel is present through a team of sales agents, where each one is responsible for one region, and through a technical service that is responsible for the after-sales service, maintenance, installation, and training.

Grupel has a strong presence in Spain due to the good work that was done by the agents that represent the brand Grupel, support to them and technical service and internationalization and growth strategies.

The result of this good work as a team it can be proven by the client’s satisfaction rate that is very positive and by the projects that we are present with Grupel’s products.

Some of the results and projects of Grupel are below as you can see in the pictures and is also possible to verify multiple applications of the genset in different sectors and versions (open and soundproof).

In the future, we pretend to continue with this good work and rise or keep the satisfaction level of customers with the brand Grupel and with Grupel products, as well as keep and have more commercial agents in Spain and distributor around the world.

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